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  • Figures of Speech/ Literary Devices

    1. Simile: Used to compare two different things having a common quality. e.g. She shall be sportive as the fawn The soul was like a star, and dwelt apart. He ran the race like a horse. 2. Metaphor: It refers to implied simile in which two things are treated as one. The camel is the ship of the desert. I see a lily on thy brow. ( John Keats) When I consider how my light is spent (John Milton) 3. Personification : Used to represent inanimate, lifeless objects & abstract ideas as living beings. The sun shed his beams on rich & poor alike. Peace has her victories no less renowned than war. The moon kisses flowers at night. 4. Oxymoron: Used to express two contradictory qualities of the same thing. Everybody witnessed the living death of the hero. She accepted it as the kind cruelty of the surgeon's knife. 5. Antithesis: Two contrasting or opposite ideas are set side by side to achieve emphasis. Man proposes , God disposes . Give every man thy ear , but few thy voice . To err is human , to forgive is divine . ( Alexander Pope) 6. Pun: Words having similar sound but different meanings used for some comic effect. If a woman loses her husband, she pines for a second. An ambassador is an honest man who lies abroad for the good of his country. Is life worth living? 7. Epigram: Use to express two antithetical or contradictory ideas. cowards die many times before their death . Child is the father of man. They also serve who stand & wait . ( John Milton) Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. 8. Transferred Epithet : an epithet which properly belongs to one object is transferred to another with which it has some sort of association. The plough man plods his weary way . I lay all night on my sleepless pillow . Note: Weary and sleepless are supposed to be used with humans , but used here with inanimate objects like way and pillow. So epithets have been transferred from one place to another. Hence, transferred epithets. 9. Hyperbole: Used to make a fact exaggeration in order to make a more effective impressions in the mind of the reader. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. ( William Shakespeare from Macbeth) Love is not time's fool. ( William Shakespeare) Ten thousand saw I at a glance. ( William Wordsworth from Daffodils) 10. Apostrophe: When an inanimate thing or abstract quality or an absent person is addressed like a living human being, the figure is called apostrophe. O Grave, where is thy victory? O Solitude ! Where are thy charms That sages have seen in thy face? O ! death ! where is thy sting? Frailty ! Thy name is woman. 11. Allusion: Reference to a historical event or to a mythical or literary figure. Since my school days Maths has been my Achilles Heel. ( Reference to the week spot of Achilles, the greatest warrior to fight in the Trojan War) I have met my Waterloo ( Reference to the Belgium town where Napoleon lost a make-or- break battle) 12. Metonymy: Change of name stands for the substitution of the name of one thing for that of another having a certain relation in them . He is reading Shakespeare. The delay is due to red-tapism. the bottle has made him a drunkard. Grey hairs should be respected. 13. Climax : ideas or words arranged in ascending order of importance. I cam, I saw, I conquered. To strive , to seek , to find and not to yield. ( also antithesis) 14. Anit-climax or Bathos: Opposite to climax. She lost her husband, her child, her goods and her umbrella. Poets are pigs are not appreciated until they are dead. 15. Pathetic Fallacy: inanimate objects are represented as sharing in human feelings by way of sympathy or otherwise ( i.e when we attribute human feelings to external & inanimate nature) Note : the name was given by Ruskin because he thought that it was a fallacy or a mistake of the poet to attribute pathos or feelings to an inanimate object. Earth cries for her murdered children. The wind heaved a deep sign over the grave. Crossword Puzzle Activity based on Figures of Speech

  • Grammar: CBQ Based PYQs | Class IX-X | CBSE Board | Board Exam 2024-25

    Solve the Worksheet of Previous Year's Board Exam and ace your marks in English Grammar. Q1. The teacher motivated the students by letting them know that if they submit their assignments by the end of the day, they might get an opportunity to watch the match. (a) did not (b) must (c) would (d) were Q2. Read the conversation between a coach and his player. Complete the sentence by reporting the player's reply correctly. Coach: Will you be able to report for morning practice during the summer break? Player: Sir, I will report every morning at 7 a.m. sharp. The coach while talking to the player asked him whether he would be able to report for morning practice. The player affirmed _______ Q3. Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line from a daily newspaper: The cars were stopped _____ going any further due to a traffic diversion. (a) to (b) from (c) within (d) by Q4. Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the following traffic advisory: Whoever drove a motor vehicle without a safety belt or carries passengers without seat belts will be fined. Q5, Complete the given narrative by filling in the blank with the correct option: Not only did Mayank work hard to win the trophy, __________helped the juniors to improve their skills. (a) he as well as (b) but he also (c) and he also (d) just as he Q6. Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word given in the brackets. The names of the applicants were _____  (list) in the report and submitted to the manager. Q7. Complete the sentence with the appropriate option. Two-thirds of the students_______ present at the inaugural function. (a) is (b) being (c) Was (d) were Q8, Identify the error on a shop's hoarding and supply the correction. Use the given format for your response. Q9. Select the correct option to complete the narration of the dialogue between Ajay and his friend. Friend: Ajay, did you buy a zoom lens with your camera? Ajay: No, I did not. I ran out of money. Ajay's friend asked Ajay whether he had bought a zoom lens with his camera. Ajay replied that he had not because _______ (a) he was running out of money (b) he has ran out of money (c) he have run out of money (d) he had run out of money Q10. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option. His brother along with his friends _____ leaving for the stadium. (a) are (b) has (c) is (d) were Q11. Complete the given narrative by filling in the blank with the correct option: The residents promised to________ the President of the association in his demand for proper garbage disposal systems. (a) stood by (b) stand by (c) stand against (d) stood for Q12. Fill in the blank with the correct option: The number of people attending this evening's annual function is than that of the previous year's. (a) fewer (b) few (c) less (d) much Answer Key Q1. (c) would / note: if no option is provided (marks should be awarded) Q2. that he would report every morning at 7 am sharp Q3. (b) from Q4.(a ) drove (error), drives (correction) Q5. (b) but he also Q6. listed Q7. ( d) were Q8. informations (error), information (correction) Note: no marks are to be deducted if the child does not use the format Q9. (d) he had run out of money. Q10. (c) is Q11. (b) stand by Q12. (c) less Buy PDF of this Worksheet and all our Worksheets here Recommended Reading Grammar Worksheet | CBQs |Class IX-X |English | CBSE Board Exam 2024-25 CBQ Grammar Worksheet: English | Class IX-X | CBSE Board 2024-25 CBQ Grammar Worksheet | Integrated Grammar | English | Class IX-X |

  • Grammar Worksheet | CBQs |Class IX-X |English | CBSE Board Exam 2024-25

    Practise the following grammar questions and prepare yourself for Board Exams 2024-25 Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the following sentences. (i) Ella ­­­__________ the letter after she read it. (a)   tore up (b)   tore down (c)    tore in (d)   tore into (ii) Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from an educational website. He ______ be very tired. He's been working all day long. (a)   should (b)   will (c)    must (d)   can (iii) Identify the error and supplies the correction for the following line, from a news report: The Uttarakhand government said on the instructions of chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, five resorts in Dhanachuliarea of ​​Nainital district has been sealed. Error Correction (iv) Complete the given write-up on global warming by filling in the blank with the correct option: If current rates of warming _________, the "Hothouse Earth" scenario, which assumes that most of the planet will become uninhabitable, may become a reality. (a)   continues (b)   continue (c)    will continue (d) continued (v) Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction. Obesity is a serious health hazard, which is a result to lifestyle disorder. It is astonishing to see obesity not just among men and women, but also among the school going children. Use the given format for your response (vi) Read the newspaper statement on ADHD and supply a missing word. A student with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) might not seem to listening or paying attention to class material. Use the given format for your response (vii) Complete the following excerpt from an inter-house music competition with the correct option as given below. The students of Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga, indeed know how to fly. On 25th July, 2022, the Singing Competition was held for the students of Stds III and IV. They did take us to a world _______ music was the language. (a)   when (b)   where (c)    how (d)   whom (viii) Identify the error from a website article on reading habit and write your correction in the format given below. In response to character education stated in Indonesian Curriculum 2013, to build characters for students of early ages is significant. This can be built through establishing reading habits and build character education to young learners living in urban and suburban areas simultaneously. (ix) Fill up the blanks with the correct options given below. My friend ________ (arrive) here just now. A has arrived B have arrived C has been arriving D arrives (x) Find an error from the following statement which appeared in a newspaper report and write your response in the given format. Time management helps you make time to acquire new skills. We often forget that anything in life takes time. That’s why the first step towards get better at something is learning how to make time for it. (xi) Complete the following statement that came in a school magazine with a suitable word. Some students believe that online materials ________ replacements for the textbook. Yet when they study with just the online material they perform significantly worse. (xii) Complete the given write-up on global warming, by filling in the blank with the correct option: The issues of poor food safety, food insecurity, (a) _______ unsustainable food systems are closely interlinked. These have been further exacerbated by climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, and (b) ________disproportionately affected some populations more than others. The importance of access to safe and nutritious food therefore cannot be overemphasised. (a)   but/and/yet (b) has/had/have (xiii) Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the following sentences. The way you talk about food ________ a big effect on your child’s eating habits. Try to emphasise all of the good things about healthy eating, instead of focusing on the effects of unhealthy eating. (a)   is  (b) have  (c) has (d) had (xiv) Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.Use the given format in your answer book to write your responses. (i) When parents buy electronic gadgets like sophisticated mobile phones, iPads etc to his teenagers,then some measures need to be taken to ensure that children do not misuse such items. (ii) Our social media friends have become the “managing editors” deciding what we see. An article needs to be "liked" and shared multiple times after many people see it in their feed. (iii) Gadgets have made our lives pleasurable and comfy. Starting from the summer to the winter season, we were making ourselves with AC and room heaters. Answer Key (i) (b) tore down (ii) (c)    must (iii) has -have (iv) (b)   continue (v) to-of (vi) to be listening (vii) (b)   where (viii) build-building (ix) A has arrived (x) get-getting (xi) are (xii) (a) and (b) have (xiii) (c) has (xiv) (i) his-their (ii) after-before (iii) were-are

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