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What Happens When We Get Up Early?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Let's know the secrets of Early Rising.

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Graham: Why do you think we should wake up early in the morning?

Lucy : I think we can wind up doing all our works earlier than other people.

Graham: Exactly. There is a host of benefits of waking up early in the morning.

Lucy: Like, can you kindly elaborate on it?

Graham: Yes, of course. At the very outset, morning time is ideal for studies. There is zero distraction. Everywhere there’s pin-drop silence.

Lucy: Indeed so. We tend to concentrate on studies faster than other time of the day. What other benefits do we have?

Graham: In addition, the retention power of the brain is optimum in the morning time. You can recall everything that you study.

Lucy: We can also do some warm up exercises to keep ourselves physically fit.

Graham: Absolutely, if we want to ensure healthy body in a healthy mind, we need to keep aside some time for morning exercise.

Lucy: Of course, physical fitness is of utmost importance when it comes to excelling in studies.

Let’s discuss the words and phrases that are used in the conversation so that we can use such words in our daily conversation.

Learn Situational Vocabulary

1. Wake Up: to get up .

Ex: I wake up early in summer.

2. Wind up : to end up.

Ex: Let’s wind up our meeting today.

3. A host of: large number of people/things.

Ex: a host of people/ opportunities

4. elaborate : to explain in detail.

Ex: He did not elaborate on the extension

of Lock-down.

5. At the very outset : at the very beginning

Ex: I explained the rules at the very outset.

6. zero distraction. : there is nothing that can

steal your attention

Ex: There is zero distraction on radio news bulletin.

7. pin-drop : extremely quiet.

Ex: There’s pin drop silence in my room.

8. tend to : likely to do something.

Ex: When I feel tired, I tend to sleep.

9. Retention : able to remember things.

Ex: Concept video helps retention of information.

10. Optimum : at its best.

Ex: Let’s do optimum uses of resources.

11.Keep aside : to keep something to

be used later.

Ex: Keep the mobile aside for sometime.

12.of utmost importance: very important.

Ex: This is a matter of utmost importance.


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