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At the Doctor's Clinic | Spoken English

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Let's Pull up Our Socks in Interactive English.

Graham: Hello, Lucy ! Please be seated. How are you doing?

Lucy: Not well, doctor. I’ve been down with flue.

Graham: How long have you had this symptom?

Lucy: About three days now. I feel dead tired as well.

Graham: I see. Is cough accompanied with the flu?

Lucy: Not at all. But I’ve got extreme body ache.

Graham: I’ve prescribed aspirin, which you need to take every four hours.

Lucy: Is there any dietary restrictions, doctor?

Graham: Not exactly. Take plenty of rest and make sure you drink lots of fluids.

Lucy: Thanks a lot. Have a Nice Day.

Graham: You are welcome.


1. Please be seated: We use this expression to ask someone to sit. You can also say ‘ Have a Seat’ in this situation.

2. How are you doing? This is another way of asking ‘ How are you’. ‘How are you doing’ is used exclusively in informal situation.

3. down with: This phrase is used in informal situation . This phrase means ‘suffer from’. Instead of saying ‘I’m suffering from’, you can say I’m down with flu…..

4. How long have you had: This expression means that ‘since when have you been suffering from….’. These are typical spoken English terms used informally in daily conversation.

5. dead tired: ‘dead tired’ means absolute tired.

‘Dead’ in this context means 'extremely'

e.g. The car gave a sudden jerk and came to a dead stop.

6. accompanied with: This phrase means ‘ if something else also happens.

e.g. fever accompanied with cold.

She is accompanied by her husband on the trip.

7. dietary restrictions: This phrase means ‘ restrictions about food.’

Lucy here asks whether there is any restriction on her food intake due to flu.

8. make sure: to check something has been done.

e.g. She looked around to make sure that she was alone.

e.g.I think the door's locked, but I'll just go and make sure.


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