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For 2025 Board Exam
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Useful Tips For Board Exams

Dear Students,

As exams are round the corner and the summer is approaching, you need to be precautious for your Academics as well as Health. One is heavily dependent on the other. Here are some tips & trips which will help you score good marks in Board Exams.

  1. Prepare a time table and include all core subjects on everyday basis and include at least 30 mins everyday for English, Information Technology/ Physical Education in your schedule.

  2. Get up early in the morning at 5 am instead of staying awake till late at night. Early morning is ideal for your studies. You can do a little pranayam & meditation for 15 mins before you start your studies.

  3. Take a mock test every Sunday for at least 2 hrs. This will help you with time management during Board Exams.

  4. You can divide your syllabus into small chunks and write a test of 50 marks to begin with. When you are fully prepared, you can write a 3-hr. test of every subject with a gap of three days. Complete at least three cycles of mock test for a full duration of 3 hrs.

  5. Prepare those chapters/Units first which contain large chunk of marks. Divide the lessons according to weightage of marks and prepare them first.

  6. Practise MCQ pattern and Case study questions from a variety of sample papers available in the market. The more you shall practice new pattern of questions, the more you will become comfortable in answering these questions.

  7. Follow the study schedule religiously and don't skip even a single subject from your everyday schedule.

  8. Try to score the maximum marks in English, Information Technology/Physical Education so that in case you score relatively poor marks in core subjects, your overall percentage remains high.

  9. Reduce your onscreen study schedule and increase off screen study. The more you are studying onscreen, the more fatigued you will become.

  10. Have sufficient sleep, nutritious diet and plenty of fluids as the summer is approaching. The more you shall take care of your health, the more you can focus on your studies.

Happy Studying !

Wishing all the very best of luck,



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