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Class 12

Poster Writing | CBSE English | Class 12

Updated: Nov 28, 2020


  • Poster is a piece of paper which contains textual and graphic elements, to exhibit.

  • It is basically designed to present information and spread awareness about certain social issue, an event, a product or service.

Distribution of Marks

Format 1 Mark

Content 2 Marks

Expression (grammatical accuracy spelling) 1 Mark

Lay Out

  • a heading.

  • eye catching and visually attractive graphics simple cartoon, caricature simple drawings/sketches

  • a catchy slogan: persuasive language, catchy phrases/jingles

  • letters of different sizes and shapes big font size. (to be able to read from distance)

  • proportionate spacing.

  • issuing authority

  • word limit 50.


  • highlight the main topic / message / name of the event

  • include all the important details like time, venue date time and purpose .

  • include organiser's name, entry ticket and any other information in case of event.

  • for awareness of a social problem - include heading, the problem its causes/effects, solution card any other information.

  • include suggestions / Do's and Don'ts

  • name of the issuing authority, organisers etc.


  • appropriate and accurate language

  • creativity

  • presentation and special justification.

  • graphic elements or pictures/symbols to be drawn if required.

Example : The International Book Fair is going to be held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. Draft a poster informing general public about it.



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