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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Literature Worksheet 1 | Class IX | CBSE

Lesson Covered
  • The Road Not Taken

  • The Fun They Had

  • Bismillah Khan

  • The Lost Child

Q1. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one as far I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth.

(i) What does ''both‟ refer to?

two roads

(ii) Why could the poet not travel both the roads?

(iii) Trace a word from the extract that means “separated.‟

Q2. How does Tommy describe the old kind of school? (30-40 Words)

special building ;

not set up in a house;

Same school,

same age ;

teacher a real man

Q3. Why did Bismillah khan refuse to start a Shehnai school in the U.S.A ? (30-40 Words)

Q4. Why did the child lose interest in the things that he wanted earlier?

Q5. What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have?

Q6. How did the kind man try to humour the child and with what effect?

Q6. How is Evelyn Glennie helping other with her popularity and skill?

Q7.Why did Tommy call Margie stupid?

Q8. What did Zahir Shah present Bismillah Khan?

Q9. Why was Evelyn referred to as multi-percussionist?

Q10. According to Evelyn what is the key to success?

Q11.Why did the child lose interest in the things that he wanted earlier?

Q12. Why did Margie hate school ?

Q13. Where did Bismillah Khan play the shehnai on 15th Aug 1947? Why was the event historic ?

Q14. What all things does the lost child in the fair want ? Why did he move without getting an answer ?

Q15.How is Margie's school different from a normal school?

Q16. How has Evelyn Glennie inspired handicapped people ?

Q17. What was the poet‟s doubt?

Q18. How did the man try to soothe the lost child ?



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