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Investiture Ceremony | Anchoring Script

Updated: Mar 23

Event Flow

1. Welcome of the chief guest

2. Garlanding Saraswati Portrait.

3. Roles and Responsibility of student council

4. Badges distribution

5. Oath by students

6. Speech by Chief Guest

7. Vote of thanks

8. National Anthem:



Anchor 1: Good Morning everyone. We have gathered here this morning to celebrate the investiture ceremony of our school. This ceremony marks the induction of our new student council leaders who will carry the torch of responsibility in the discharge of various positions of student council.

Anchor 2: Welcoming of the chief guest: To begin our event this morning, dear friends, It’s an honour and privilege for all of us to welcome Our Chief Guest for the Investiture Ceremony, Shri Raghavendrarao Jahagirdar sir, Cluster Head and LMC, Chairman, AVN, Upparwahi. We heartily welcome you, sir in our investiture ceremony.

Anchor1: We’re also delighted to have with us Shri K SUBBULAKSHMANAN, COM, Maratha Cements Ltd. & Member, LMC, AVN, Upparwahi. We extend our hearty welcome to you sir.

Anchor 2: On behalf of all the teaching & non-teaching faculty and students, It’s my privilege to request our Principal Sir to welcome our respected Chief Guest, Shri Raghavenrarao sir and also Subbulaxmanan sir with a bouquet.


(After the bouquet presentation) Thank you sir.

Anchor 1: "I'd like now like to request our Coordinator Mr. Amber sir to welcome our Principal, Shri Rajesh Sharma with a bouquet.


(After the bouquet presentation) Thank you sir.

2. Garlanding Mata Sarwswati, lamp lighting & Saraswati Vandana

(Anchor 2) Before we proceed, let us seek the blessings of knowledge and wisdom from the embodiment of learning, Goddess Saraswati as a symbol of commitment to seek knowledge and embrace learning in every aspect of our lives.

(Anchor 1) With great reverence and utmost privilege, I request our esteemed Chief Guest to proceed towards the sacred act of garlanding the resplendent portrait of Goddess Saraswati and illuminating the lamp.

(Anchor 2) In this auspicious endeavor, I humbly request Subbulaxmanan sir and Principal sir to graciously accompany our esteemed guest.


Commentary during Garlanding

(Anchor 1 Dear Friends, May this profound gesture symbolize the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom that shall enlighten our hearts and minds on this momentous occasion. Dear friends, Lighting of the lamp will be followed by the Saraswati Vandana by the school choir.

After Lamp Lighting

(Anchor 2) We express our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed guests. Your presence is greatly appreciated, and we kindly request you to take your seats.

3. Roles and Responsibility of student council

(Anchor 1) “Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the zenith of success”

Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events of a school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly elected Student Council. Every student who obtains a leadership role feels proud. Today’s celebration makes every leader feel unique as they shoulder a big responsibility in various capacities for the smooth functioning of our school activities.

(Anchor 2) To enlighten our esteemed guests, we wish to share the process of how our student council is formed. The positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, and House Captains are appointed through electronic voting mechanisms, ensuring a fair and transparent selection process. As for the discipline incharges, safety ambassadors, cleanliness incharges, and Health & Hygiene incharges, they are nominated for their roles, embodying the essence of teamwork and trust. With this meticulous approach, the student council takes shape, representing a diverse array of talents and commitment.

(Anchor 1) : Delegation of responsibility and giving authority to children is important as it teaches them lifelong skills of leadership and at the same time making them shoulder a host of responsibilities that come along with leadership. Foreseeing the welfare of the student’s future and to train them in leadership skills the school’s student’s council has been constituted.

(Anchor 2) Ambuja Vidya Niketan has been always inspired by the fact that students are the torch-bearers of tomorrow. Therefore, nurturing them and fostering in them a sense of self-respect, self discipline, the capacity to enjoy life as independent, self – motivated adults and the willingness to care for others are extremely pertinent, especially when it comes to making tomorrow’s global citizens.

4. Badge Distribution to Head Boy & Head Girl

(Anchor 1) Moving ahead with our programme, now we have badge distribution to the elected representatives of our Student Council members.

And to do the honour, May I now request our Chief Guest to begin by assigning badges to the Head Boy and Head Girl of our school.

May I request the head boy, Master Sonu Tiwari and and the head girl Miss Adwaita Dwivedi to please come forward for the collection of their badges.


 After Badge Distribution

I have also the pleasure of requesting our Chief Guest to kindly hand over the school flag to the head boy & Head Girl as a symbol of discharging the responsibilities to the new leaders.

Badge Distribution to Sports Captains

(Anchor 2) May I request the sports captains- Master Aryan Yengalwar and Miss Shital Rathod to come forward for the collection of their badges and also request Subbulaxmanan sir to please assign badges to sports captains.

 After Badge Distribution

With utmost respect, I humbly request Subbulaxmanan sir to kindly present the school sports flag, bestowing upon the captains the honor and responsibility of supervising the school's Sport pursuits.


(Anchor 1) Well, We have also elected some students and delegated them the responsibilities as House Captains to instill leadership quality and foster a profound sense of belongingness among them and their fellow mates.

May I now request Our Principal Sir to assign badges to House Captains.

(Anchor 2) To begin with the Aqua House Captains

Master Narayan Pandey & Miss Ira Wasade are requested to come forward for the collection of badges.

After Badge distribution

I have the pleasure of requesting our Principal to handover the house flagsto Captains of Aqua House.

(Anchor 1) Next is Ignis House. House Captains Master Yuvraj Bais & Miss Rutuja Somnathe are requested to kindly come forward & collect your badges.

After Badge distribution

I have the pleasure of requesting our Principal to handover the house flagsto Captains of Ignis House.

(Anchor 2) Next comes Terra House. Master Shardul Bhatkar & Miss Elise Joseph are requested to to step forward and receive their well-deserved badges.

After Badge distribution

I have the pleasure of requesting our Principal to handover the house flags to Captains of Terra House.

(Anchor 1) Next comes Ventus House. Master Rishi Singh & Miss Adamya Dwivedi are requested to come forward & collect your badges.

After Badge distribution

I have the pleasure of requesting our Principal to handover the house flags to Captains of Ventus House.

Anchor 2:

House Captains of Junior Classes

(Anchor 2) Proceeding towards the induction of House Captains for the Junior classes. As we call your names and House Captains are requested to come forward & collect your badges.

Aqua House: Shivam Nagre & Agamya Zade

Ignis House: Aryant Ghagargunde & Nidhi Gadge

Terra House: Rigved Tajane& Kavyanjali Bobhade

Ventus House: Perth Longadge & Saanvi Doke

After Badge Distribution of House Captains

Thank you very much, sir. Congratulations to all the House Captains.

Discipline Incharges

(Anchor 1) Now, we shall proceed to acknowledge the Discipline In charges. It is with great privilege that I request Mr. Amber Trivedi sir to bestow badges upon the remaining in-charges responsible for various disciplines. Let this honorable act symbolize their commitment to their respective roles.

Discipline fosters an optimistic attitude and enhances individual productivity. These in-charges shall ensure that AVN reaches its utmost potential, empowered by the virtue of discipline throughout the academic session.

(Anchor 2) As I call out your names, you are requested to come forward and collect your badges.

Ishan Tapase , Anushka Roy, Dhuruv Nandekar, Samriddhi Soni ,Sahil Pawar & Sanchi Khaire.

Health & Hygiene Incharges

(Anchor1) : Next is Health & Hygiene. The designated in-charges bear the duty of upholding the school's hygiene standards and will closely cooperate with the cleanliness in-charges to ensure a spotless and healthy school environment.

As I call out your names, you are requested to come forward and collect your badges.

The incharges this academic session 2023-24 are______________.

Read out two names together. After the badge is distributed call out the next pair. 

Ayush Singh, Alfia Sheikh

Sameer Mendhe, Sayali Bhagat

Iram Kadri Rajlaxmi Sharma

Safety Ambassadors

(Anchor 2)

The safety and well-being of all individuals hold paramount importance to us. With their dedication, the safety ambassadors shall serve as role models, not only within the school but also in their conduct elsewhere. As I call upon each safety ambassador, I extend the invitation for you to come forward and accept your well-deserved badges. Let us all join in appreciating their commitment to fostering a secure environment for everyone.

Safety Ambassadors of our school in academic session 2023-24 are

Aarush Kumbhare , Bhavya Fule

Saksham Thakre , Shravani Mandavkar ,

Harsh Musale , Krutika More,

Sumit Rathod Saundarya Gore

Cleanliness Incharges

(Anchor 1)

The Cleanliness Incharges shall diligently Supervise the upkeep of cleanliness. ensuring that the school premises and the surrounding environment remain healthy and pristine for all of us.

Cleanliness in-charges of our school in academic session 2023-24 are

Sai Bawane, Aditi Karkade

Siddhart Bhojekar Ketaki Sarode

Sahil Gedam

5. Oath Taking Ceremony

Anchor 2

Moving ahead with our programme, dear friends we have now oath taking ceremony.

The oath-taking ceremony that awaits us embodies the essence of responsibility, integrity, and dedication. Our student leaders, with unwavering commitment, will pledge to uphold the values and principles that our school holds dear. This solemn act not only marks the transfer of authority but also signifies their promise to lead by example and inspire positive change within our school community.

May I humbly request our esteemed Chief Guest to recite the oath, while the Council members, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, repeat after him in unison. Through this solemn act, they will pledge their unwavering commitment to fulfill their responsibilities to the utmost satisfaction of all those involved. Let us witness this profound moment as they embark on a journey of service and leadership, upholding the values and principles that our school stands for.

(Oath Taking takes place)

6. Speech by Chief Guest:

Anchor 1

Dear friends, as we gather here today, we are eager to hear the words of wisdom and inspiration from our Chief Guest, whose experiences and insights shall undoubtedly ignite the spirits of our student leaders and the entire school community. His illustrious presence exemplifies the spirit of leadership, and we are humbled to have him address us on this momentous occasion.

So, without further ado, with profound respect and excitement, may I request our esteemed Chief Guest, Shri Raghavendrarao Jahagirdar sir to kindly step forward and grace us with his words of encouragement and guidance.

7. Vote of thanks.

Anchor 2

The vote of thanks is of paramount importance as it serves as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation towards all those who have contributed to the success of an event. By expressing heartfelt thanks, the vote of thanks fosters a sense of unity, encourages further collaboration, and leaves a positive and lasting impression on the attendees.

So it’s my privilege to invite on the podium Miss Divyanka Jhanghel, the former head girl of our school to propose a vote of Thanks.

National Anthem

Anchor 1:

As we draw the curtains on this remarkable Investiture Ceremony, let us carry with us the spirit of leadership, responsibility, and unity that has illuminated this event. The newly inducted student leaders, along with the entire school community, stand poised to embark on a journey of growth, service, and excellence.

Let us now move forward, guided by the values and principles that define our school. Together, we shall rise and shine, making a profound difference in our school and the world beyond.

Before we conclude, let us all stand up for singing our National Anthem.

Thank you, everyone. May the legacy of this Investiture Ceremony inspire us all to reach greater heights. Have a wonderful day!



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