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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Grammar: CBQ Based PYQs | Class IX-X | CBSE Board | Board Exam 2024-25

Solve the Worksheet of Previous Year's Board Exam and ace your marks in English Grammar.

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Q1. The teacher motivated the students by letting them know that if they submit their assignments by the end of the day, they might get an opportunity to watch the match.

(a) did not

(b) must

(c) would

(d) were

Q2. Read the conversation between a coach and his player. Complete the sentence by reporting the player's reply correctly.

Coach: Will you be able to report for morning practice during the summer break?

Player: Sir, I will report every morning at 7 a.m. sharp.

The coach while talking to the player asked him whether he would be able to report for morning practice. The player affirmed _______

Q3. Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line from a daily newspaper:

The cars were stopped _____ going any further due to a traffic diversion.

(a) to

(b) from

(c) within

(d) by

Q4. Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the following traffic advisory:

Whoever drove a motor vehicle without a safety belt or carries passengers without seat belts will be fined.

Option No.















Q5, Complete the given narrative by filling in the blank with the correct option:

Not only did Mayank work hard to win the trophy, __________helped the juniors to improve their skills.

(a) he as well as

(b) but he also

(c) and he also

(d) just as he

Q6. Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word given in the brackets.

The names of the applicants were _____  (list) in the report and submitted to the manager.

Q7. Complete the sentence with the appropriate option.

Two-thirds of the students_______ present at the inaugural function.

(a) is

(b) being

(c) Was

(d) were

Q8, Identify the error on a shop's hoarding and supply the correction.

Beaspur, Sewana

World Wide Travels Pvt. Ltd.

For travel informations, contact the twenty-four hour help-desk

Use the given format for your response.



Q9. Select the correct option to complete the narration of the dialogue between Ajay and his friend.

Friend: Ajay, did you buy a zoom lens with your camera?

Ajay: No, I did not. I ran out of money.

Ajay's friend asked Ajay whether he had bought a zoom lens with his camera. Ajay replied that he had not because _______

(a) he was running out of money

(b) he has ran out of money

(c) he have run out of money

(d) he had run out of money

Q10. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option.

His brother along with his friends _____ leaving for the stadium.

(a) are

(b) has

(c) is

(d) were

Q11. Complete the given narrative by filling in the blank with the correct option:

The residents promised to________ the President of the association in his demand for proper garbage disposal systems.

(a) stood by

(b) stand by

(c) stand against

(d) stood for

Q12. Fill in the blank with the correct option:

The number of people attending this evening's annual function is than that of the previous year's.

(a) fewer

(b) few

(c) less

(d) much

Answer Key

Q1. (c) would / note: if no option is provided (marks should be awarded)

Q2. that he would report every morning at 7 am sharp

Q3. (b) from

Q4.(a ) drove (error), drives (correction)

Q5. (b) but he also

Q6. listed

Q7. ( d) were

Q8. informations (error), information (correction)

Note: no marks are to be deducted if the child does not use the format

Q9. (d) he had run out of money.

Q10. (c) is

Q11. (b) stand by

Q12. (c) less

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