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Grammar Worksheet | CBQs |Class IX-X |English | CBSE Board Exam 2024-25

Updated: May 26

Practise the following grammar questions and prepare yourself for Board Exams 2024-25

A Student dong Grammar Worksheet

Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the following sentences. 

(i) Ella ­­­__________ the letter after she read it.

(a)   tore up

(b)   tore down

(c)    tore in

(d)   tore into

(ii) Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from an educational website.

He ______ be very tired. He's been working all day long.

(a)   should

(b)   will

(c)    must

(d)   can

(iii) Identify the error and supplies the correction for the following line, from a news report:

The Uttarakhand government said on the instructions of chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, five resorts in Dhanachuliarea of ​​Nainital district has been sealed.

Error Correction

(iv) Complete the given write-up on global warming by filling in the blank with the correct option:

If current rates of warming _________, the "Hothouse Earth" scenario, which assumes that most of the planet will become uninhabitable, may become a reality.

(a)   continues

(b)   continue

(c)    will continue

(d) continued

(v) Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.

Obesity is a serious health hazard, which is a result to lifestyle disorder. It is astonishing to see obesity not just among men and women, but also among the school going children.

Use the given format for your response



(vi) Read the newspaper statement on ADHD and supply a missing word.

A student with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) might not seem to listening or paying attention to class material.

Use the given format for your response

Word Before

Missing Word

Word After

(vii) Complete the following excerpt from an inter-house music competition with the correct option as given below.

The students of Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga, indeed know how to fly. On 25th July, 2022, the Singing Competition was held for the students of Stds III and IV. They did take us to a world _______ music was the language.

(a)   when

(b)   where

(c)    how

(d)   whom

(viii) Identify the error from a website article on reading habit and write your correction in the format given below.

In response to character education stated in Indonesian Curriculum 2013, to build characters for students of early ages is significant. This can be built through establishing reading habits and build character education to young learners living in urban and suburban areas simultaneously.



(ix) Fill up the blanks with the correct options given below.

My friend ________ (arrive) here just now.

A has arrived

B have arrived

C has been arriving

D arrives

(x) Find an error from the following statement which appeared in a newspaper report and write your response in the given format.

Time management helps you make time to acquire new skills. We often forget that anything in life takes time. That’s why the first step towards get better at something is learning how to make time for it.



(xi) Complete the following statement that came in a school magazine with a suitable word.

Some students believe that online materials ________ replacements for the textbook. Yet when they study with just the online material they perform significantly worse.

(xii) Complete the given write-up on global warming, by filling in the blank with the correct option:                                                                                                                                                

The issues of poor food safety, food insecurity, (a) _______ unsustainable food systems are closely interlinked. These have been further exacerbated by climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, and (b) ________disproportionately affected some populations more than others. The importance of access to safe and nutritious food therefore cannot be overemphasised.

(a)   but/and/yet

(b) has/had/have

(xiii) Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the following sentences.     

The way you talk about food ________ a big effect on your child’s eating habits. Try to emphasise all of the good things about healthy eating, instead of focusing on the effects of unhealthy eating.

(a)   is  (b) have  (c) has (d) had

(xiv) Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.Use the given format in your answer book to write your responses.



(i) When parents buy electronic gadgets like sophisticated mobile phones, iPads etc to his teenagers,then some measures need to be taken to ensure that children do not misuse such items.

(ii) Our social media friends have become the “managing editors” deciding what we see. An article needs to be "liked" and shared multiple times after many people see it in their feed.

(iii) Gadgets have made our lives pleasurable and comfy. Starting from the summer to the winter season, we were making ourselves with AC and room heaters.

Answer Key

(i) (b) tore down

(ii) (c)    must

(iii) has -have

(iv) (b)   continue

(v) to-of

(vi) to be listening

(vii) (b)   where

(viii) build-building

(ix) A has arrived

(x) get-getting

(xi) are

(xii) (a) and (b) have

(xiii) (c) has


(i) his-their

(ii) after-before

(iii) were-are




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