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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

CBQ Grammar Worksheet | Integrated Grammar | English | Class IX-X |

Solve our Board PYQs to score high marks in English Grammar

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Q1. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option:

You should _______ your mother for your rude behaviour.

(a) apologise for

(b) apologise at

(c) apologise with

(d) apologise to

Q2. Read the conversations between a customer and a waiter. Complete the sentence by reporting the waiter's reply correctly:

Customer: Waiter, come here. The plate is dirty.

Waiter: I'll change it sir.

The customer asked the waiter to come there. He pointed out that the plate was dirty. The waiter politely offered.

Q3.Select the correct opfion to fill in the blank for the given sentence:

you help me cross the road, young man?

(a) Will

(c) Shall

(b) May

(d) Might

Q4. Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the following sentence:

Twenty years ago, kids at school had never even heard of the internet.

Error Correction

(a) years year

(b) at in

(c) had have

(d) the an

Q5. Complete the given narrative, by filling in the blanks with correct option:


(a) HAS

(c) IS

(b) HAD

(d) ARE

Q6. Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket:

When a satellite ____ (launch), the rocket begins by going slowly upwards.

(a) is launched

(b) are launched

(c) have been launched

(d) were launched

Q7. Report the dialogue between two friends Seema and Anu, by completing the sentence:

Seema: What brings you here?

Anu: I am going to Dr. Sen's house.

In response to the question about what brought Anu there, Anu says _____

Q8. Identify the error in the given sentence and supply the correction:

Behind every success film there is a lengthy creative process.

Use the given format for your response.

Error Correction

Q9. Ritu met Anita and saw her crying.

Ritu: "Anita, what is the matter?"

Report Ritu's question.

Q10. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the slogan:


(a) THE

(c) AN

(b) A

(d) THIS

Q11. Select the correct option to complete the narration of a dialogue between Raj and his wife:

Raj: I have invited my friends for dinner.

Wife: I'll invite my friends too.

Raj told his wife that he had invited his friends for dinner. The wife added that

(a) she will invite her friends too

(b) she would invite her friends too

(c) she can invite her friends too

(d) she could invite her friends too

Q12. Identify the error in the statement given below and supply the correction:

Use the given format for your response.

Error Correction

The evil of begging is very common into our country.


Answer Key

Q1.(d) apologise to change it/ to change the plate

Q3. (a) will

Q4.(B) at - error

in- correction

Q5. (c) is

Q6. (a) is launched

Q7. that she is going to Dr. Sen's house

Q8. Success -error

successful correction

Q9. Ritu asked Anita what the matter was.

Q10. (C)AN

Q11. (b) she would invite her friends too.

Q12. into-error in correction




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