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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Multiple Assessments: MCQ Test | Reading Comprehension| Grammar

Multiple Assessments are a part of CBSE Class 10 Internal Assessment for 5 marks.

Assessment Topics

  • Literature MCQs

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Integrated Grammar

Q1 Literature MCQs ( Mijbil-the Otter)

Solve the following ten Multiple-Choice Questions based on the lesson "Mijbil the Otter":

1. What prompted Gavin Maxwell to keep an otter as a pet instead of a dog?

a. His friend's suggestion

b. An experiment for his journey to Iraq

c. The Consulate-General's recommendation

d. A sudden desire for a unique pet

2. In which region did Gavin Maxwell procure Mijbil the otter?

a. The Amazon rainforest

b. The Tigris marshes

c. The Australian Outback

d. The Arctic tundra

3. Why did Maxwell wait in Basra for five days?

a. To explore the local culture

b. To meet a friend

c. To collect his mail from Europe

d. To buy supplies for his journey

4. What is the scientific name of Mijbil's species?

a. Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli

b. Canis lupus familiaris

c. Felis catus

d. Ursus arctos

5. What was Mijbil's initial behavior on the first day Maxwell met him?

a. Friendly

b. Aloof and indifferent

c. Hostile

d. Playful

6. How did Mijbil react to being in the water during his first bath?

a. Fearful

b. Indifferent

c. Joyful and playful

d. Annoyed

7. Why did Maxwell have to repair the box before Mijbil's flight?

a. To add more padding

b. To fix the lock

c. To remove sharp edges

d. To make it larger

8. What game did Mijbil invent involving a ping-pong ball?

a. Soccer

b. Juggling

c. Bowling

d. Basketball

9. Why did the air hostess suggest having Mijbil on Maxwell's knee during the flight?

a. To keep him calm

b. To follow airline rules

c. To avoid using the box

d. To entertain the passengers

10. What is one of the themes explored in "Mijbil the Otter"?

a. Space exploration

b. Environmental conservation

c. The value of a pet and treatment of wild animals

d. Historical events in Iraq


Reading Comprehension

Q2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Better Phone Network Not To Come At Cost Of infrastructure.

By Atul Mathur

TOI, Nov 15, 2023

New Delhi: The Delhi government has laid down guidelines for telecom service and infrastructure providers to mitigate the problems faced by people when underground optical fibres are laid or overhead wire networks are installed to ensure that infrastructure is restored in a time-bound way after work is over.

The Delhi Right of Way (RoW) Policy for Underground Infrastructure and Over-ground Telecommunications Infrastructure, 2023, was notified by the urban development department on November 1.

Officials said the policy will ensure that any work by telecom companies is completed within a given timeframe and any damage to a road or a facility is repaired by them in a time-bound manner.

This, officials said, will ensure that the city’s roads, often found dug up with no barricades around and which compromise the safety of the motorists and pedestrians, do not remain in the same condition for too long.

It will also do away with the possibility of having a web of wires on electricity poles, as the companies laying the overhead lines will have to enter into an agreement with power distribution companies or discoms.

The new policy has also ensured a single-window system for companies to seek permission from the government and agencies concerned to carry out the work. It has emphasized that the applicants do not undertake any work without the necessary approval from the road-owning and other related civic agencies.

While the central government’s department of telecommunications had formulated rules for the telecom companies in 2016 — these were subsequently amended — to take necessary approvals from authorities in respective states and Union territories for over-ground and underground telecom infrastructure, the Delhi government has paved the way for it with its own policy.

“The Delhi government has framed the policy to bring uniformity and clarity and to simplify the process of giving permission for installing telecom infrastructure and repair work or shifting from time to time,” an official said.

According to the policy, the responsibility to restore any damage done to a public facility will lie with the company executing the work and any laxity will attract a penalty. The telecom companies will have to take completion certificates within a stipulated time after completing the laying and repairing of cables and maintenance work.

“The government will now insist that the telecom companies execute the work during off-peak or night hours so that minimum inconvenience is caused to the public. But it may not be possible all the time and such conditions will be enforced on a case-to-case basis,” an official said.

While there will be a single-window system for telecom companies to seek approvals, the government will have to ensure the permission is granted after conducting joint inspection of the site within 30 days.

Before starting work, the telecom companies will have to inform the district magistrate of the area and all local bodies.

The government has appointed the urban development department for overall coordination for the implementation of the policy. The principal secretary of the department will be the nodal officer.

Officials said that to find a solution to poor connectivity inside offices, shopping malls, hospitals, multistoried buildings and educational institutions, the policy also promotes the installation of in-building solutions and emphasizes that required permissions are obtained from the building owners and a consent in the form of a no-objection certificate is taken from the administrative authority concerned.

Q1. What is the primary purpose of the Delhi Right of Way (RoW) Policy for Underground Infrastructure and Over-ground Telecommunications Infrastructure, 2023?

A. To increase the number of overhead wires.

B. To provide a single-window system for telecom companies.

C. To delay the restoration of damaged public facilities.

D. To allow telecom companies to work without necessary approvals.

Q2. The Delhi government aims to ensure that infrastructure is restored in a __________ way after the completion of telecom work.

Q3. Justify whether the reasoning supports the assertion.

Assertion: The single-window system in the new policy simplifies the process for telecom companies.

Reasoning: The policy emphasizes that applicants should not undertake any work without necessary approval from road-owning and other related civic agencies.

Q4. According to the passage, what responsibility do telecom companies have regarding the damage to public facilities during their work?

A. No responsibility.

B. Responsibility to restore the damage.

C. Responsibility to ignore the damage.

D. Responsibility to blame the government.

Q5. Provide reasons why the new policy insists that telecom companies execute work during off-peak or night hours.

Q6. What is the role of the urban development department in the implementation of the policy?

A. To lay underground optical fibers.

B. Overall coordination for the implementation.

C. To provide no-objection certificates.

D. To repair damaged public facilities.

Q7. According to the policy, the telecom companies will have to inform the _________________ before starting work.

Q8. Justify why the passage mentions that there may be conditions enforced on a case-to-case basis regarding executing work during off-peak or night hours.

Q9. What is the consequence of any laxity by telecom companies in restoring damage to public facilities, according to the policy?

A. A reward.

B. A penalty.

C. A celebration.

D. A promotion.

Q10. Explain why the installation of in-building solutions is promoted by the policy and what requirements need to be fulfilled for this?


Integrated Grammar

Q3. Complete the following tasks as directed.

(A) Two friends, Aarav and Ananya, are discussing their upcoming trip. How would Aarav report Ananya's dialogue? Aarav: "I have already booked the hotel for our trip tomorrow." Ananya: "Are you sure? Don't forget to confirm the reservation." Anaya asked me .........................

(B) Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

The coach shouted,"................... the ball!" Later, he ................... onto the ball in order to dictate the game's pace.

(a) pass; commanded them to hold

(b) passed; command them to held

(c) passes; commands them to hold

(d) passing; commanded them to held

(C) Read the given dialogue carefully. Identify the error and supply the correction in the sentence.

Sanya exclaims, "Look! My keys are in the refrigerator. I will have absentmindedly put them here while putting away the groceries."

(D) Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket.

In the depths of the enchanted forest, where time ................... (stand) still and mythical creatures roamed freely, a young adventurer embarked on a quest.

(E) Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the sentence below.

Shazia stared at the mountain range before her. From a distance ..................., (this/that/these/those) towering peaks seemed to touch the sky, creating a breathtaking sight.

(F) Report Sana's instructions to Manisha.

Sana said, "First, you heat the sugar and water in a saucepan."

Manisha: Sana said that ................... and water in a saucepan.

(a) we first heat the sugar

(b) Manisha, heat the sugar

(c) first, you heat the sugar

(d) I should first heat the sugar

(G) Pick up the word that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the given line, from a survey.

Everyone are expected to submit their feedback to our customer service representative at the event.

(H) Fill in the blank with the correct option. When one gazes at the sky, the glimmer of stars ........................... the vastness above.

(a) fill (b) fills (c) to fill (d) is filling

(I) Identify the error and supply the correction for the following statement.

The national team could adhere to a strict code of conduct, refraining from cheating and unethical behaviour, or else they will be disqualified.

(J) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Dad: "Ramya, I heard your school made some changes recently. What is going on?"

Ramya: "Yes, dad.

(I) The school administration ......................... a revised attendance policy to ensure academic success."

(a) will implement

(b) is implementing

(c) has implemented

(d) was implementing




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