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Determiners | Grammar

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

What is a Determiner?

  • A determiner is a word that shows number, quantity, possession, place/positions etc.

  • A determiner is placed before a noun.

  • A determiner is used to identify or quantify a noun.

  • Singular nouns always need a determiner.

  • In plural nouns, the determiner is optional.

  • Determiners may or may not be used with uncountable nouns depending on context.

  • For example, much water


Identifiers: This book, that boy, these girls, those flowers.

This, that, these , those identify nouns like book, boy, girls, flowers etc.


A toy, an egg, one boy, two boys , all girls, any man, either book, some women , both the girls, another child, every man, each boy, neither boy, few boys , many mangoes, little water, much sugar, more toys, most men, no man , several dolls, enough money , such boys etc.

There are about 50 different determiners in the English language which include:


Here are a few questions and statements written down by the Cultural Secretary, that she/he needs to share. Tick the correct words from those given in brackets.

(a) How (much/many) (chair/chairs) do we need?

(b) (Much/ Several) (schools/ schools) will be participating.

(c) (Several/much) (student/students) have arrived.

(d) How (much/many) (information/ informations) does this brochure give?

(e) We have only (a few/ a little) sponsors for (some/ much) events.


Fill up the blanks with suitable determiners:

1. I read ______ books last night.

2. I didn't buy ______ vegetables today.

3. I want to have ______ water .

4. There are trees on ______ side of the roads.

5. Do you need _____ money?

6. This is ________ house.

7. Do you like _____ new house which I bought last night?

8 There are _____ students in the school today.

9. Please put ____ sugar in my coffee.

10. ______ Men make mistakes.

11. ________ books I had were all burnt.

12. There is _______ sugar left in the bowl.

13. I like ______ kind of music.

14. I can't get on well with ______ people.

15. ______ knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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