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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Boost Up Your English Vocabulary | Situational Speaking | Spoken English

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Sameer: Do you know we are studying on whatsapp group nowadays?

Plumber: Really so? Our school has also taken recourse to giving assignments on our school app.

Sameer: We’ve homework schedule exactly like the regular classroom. There’s no respite from HW/assignments as they are likely to be graded.

Plumber: Graded ! Then you can’t get away with it. That’s so nice an initiative.

Sameer: Activity based grading is much better than traditional pen paper test.

Plumber: Indeed so. That’s what a joyful learning is all about.

Sameer: Exactly so. Teachers are also making concept videos of their own and home works are based on the contents from such videos.

Plumber: Wow! That’s really impressive. Teachers are slogging out and are on their toes during lockdown phase.

Sameer: Exactly, do you know online teaching/assignment has become the new norms for teaching learning process?

Plumber: yeah, there’s no way out. That’s the only way we can comply with social distancing norms.

Sameer: Some social networking platforms have got instant celebrity status with the surge of online teaching.

Plumber: I hope YouTube is ruling the roost among all the social networking sites.

Sameer: Exactly, besides YouTube Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom and Skype are also in the fray.

Plumber: Let’s pray to God to tide over this crisis so that we can get back to normal mode of classroom education.

Sameer: Exactly, We hope things limp back to normalcy very shortly.


1. recourse to: something that provides help to. Ex:She recovered without recourse to surgery. Ex: Students take recourse to online learning.

2. respite from : relief from Ex: There is no respite from scorching heat. 3. likely to be: a) expected Ex: Petrol prices are likely to be expensive. b) Promising : She appears to be the likely winner of the reality show.

4. Get away with: to escape Ex: He was lucky to get away with just a minor injury in the accident. 5. slog out: to work hard at something. Ex: Students are slogging out to complete the assignment on time. 6. on toes : very busy. Ex: John is on his toes attending high volume calls.

7 . no way out : no solution. Ex: You must avoid the crowd. There’s no way out. 8.comply with : to obey a rule/order etc Ex: Students complied with lockdown norms. 9. Surge: increase in number/quantity. Ex: There’s a surge of online teaching apps during lockdown.

10. rule the roost: most powerful among the group. Ex: India is ruling the roost in international cricket. 11 in the fray : in competition Ex: Three party workers are in the fray for MLA election. 12. tide over : help someone to come out of difficult situation. Ex: Let’s pray to God to tide us over the COVID 19 crisis.


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