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At A Railway Helpline Desk

Updated: May 6, 2020

Situational Conversation

Railway inquiry : Good Morning. How may I help you ?

Caller: Could you please inform me when the Rajdhani Express from Delhi is expected to arrive at Nagpur tomorrow?

Railway inquiry: It’s usually 7.10 in the morning, sir.

Caller: Is it running on time today?

Railway inquiry: Just half an hour behind the schedule . It will make up by tomorrow morning.

Caller: Is it a daily train or it runs bi-weekly?

Railway inquiry: No, Sir. It runs five days a week. Monday to Friday.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Railway inquiry: Have a Nice day, sir.

Expressions to Remember

1.How may I help you ? We Use ‘how may I help you’ in response to a telephone call from a customer to a Hospital Reception, Ticket Counter, Airport, Railway Station, Telephone/ Dish TV helpline.

2.Expected to arrive: We use the term when there is no exact time of arrival.

3. Usually: It means normally. For example, the train normally arrives at 7.10 in the morning.

4.Behind the Schedule: It means something is running late.

5. Make-up : to compensate for the loss. Ex: The train will make -up the loss of time by tonight.

5.Bi-weekly : two days a week.


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