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Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

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Transitive Verb: A transitive verb is a verb that requires an object after it in order to complete its action.

e.g. He plays cricket.

Here in the above sentence ' cricket' is an object. Therefore, the verb ' plays' is a transitive verb.

Note: Always remember that

  • an object is either a NOUN or a PRONOUN.

  • An object always goes after a verb.

  • Most of the transitive verbs take only one object after them, but some transitive verbs take two objects after them.

  • For Example, John gave me a book.

  • Here in the above examples, 'me' and 'a book' are both the objects.

'Me' is called an indirect Object and 'a book' is called a direct object.

Always remember that the name of a thing is called the Direct Object whereas the name of a person is called the Indirect Object.

Now let's move on to the intransitive verb. An intransitive verb does not require an object after it to complete its action.

Intransitive Verb:

e.g. Boys are playing. In this example, there is no object after playing. Therefore, the verb ' are Playing' is an intransitive verb.

Similarly, I work daily. In this sentence the verb 'work' is an example of intransitive verb because there is no object after the verb.

The word 'daily' is neither a noun nor a pronoun. It is an adverb. Therefore, it is not an object.


Identify the Transitive & Intransitive Verbs from the following Sentences.

  1. She sings a song.

  2. I have given him a pen.

  3. My friend sings well.

  4. Simon reads a book.

  5. Gopal scored good marks in the exam.

  6. The girls laughed loudly.

  7. I work daily for ten hours.

  8. The sun sets early in winter.

  9. We eat to live.

  10. The nurse boils water.


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