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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Transformation of Sentences | Simple, Complex & Compound Sentences.

For the Quick Revision of the Concept of the Topic, Click Here

Change the following Sentences as Directed.

1. He admitted his mistake. ( Change into a Complex Sentence)

2. It seems that he is intelligent. ( Change into a Simple sentence)

3. We have heard of his success in life. ( Change into a Complex Sentence)

4. They know why he has fallen sick. ( Change into a simple Sentence)

5. He must run fast to catch the train. ( Change into a Compound Sentence)

6. The day being clear, we went out to play ( Change into a Compound Sentence)

7. Besides giving me advice, he also helped me with money. ( Change into a Compound


8. I will not talk to you if you do not speak the truth. ( Change into a compound Sentence)

9. He worked very hard, therefore he succeeded. ( Change into a complex sentence)

10. The marble statue came from Delhi. ( Change into a complex sentence)

How to Submit your answers?

  • Write these questions and answers on your English Notebook.

  • Open Microsoft Lens App and take pics of your notebook.

  • Select these pics and convert them in PDF.

  • From the Lens App itself submit to Google Classroom .

For Answer Key Click Here. (To be Available after your submission on Nov 21, 2020)


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