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Letter of Enquiry | English | CBSE

What is a Letter of Enquiry?

  • A letter is a formal letter which is written to make enquiries about an event, product, service, admission to a school/college or an Institution.

Points to Remember:

  • Show interest in products/services/organization in which you are writing letter.

  • Adopt a formal, precise and polite tone in your draft.

  • You can enquire about product/services/course fee/accommodation/ infrastructure/placement etc.

  • Conclude your letter soliciting for an early response.

Sample of a Letter of Enquiry
Exercise for Practice:

1. On behalf of the Gymnastic club of your school. Write a letter of inquiry to the manufacturing/supplying company to inquire if they will be able to supply 200 sets of costumes in one month time.

2. The science club in your District is organising a science Exhibition. You are Adit, the President of the science club in your school. Your team wants to participate in model making and Quiz competition. Write a letter of Inquiry to find out about the information, rules etc.

3. A poster making competition has been organised in your city. Write a letter to the organiisers making enquiries about the same. Invent all necessary details.

4. You are Amit Gupta, 12/B, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. Write a letter of inquiry to Daksh Coaching. I Mount Road, Pitampura, inquiring about the course offered by the Institute, timing fee. faculty etc.

5. Write a letter to the Director, Nehru College of Aeronautics, New Delhi, making inquiries about the Engineering Courses, commencement time, duration of courses, fee. mode of fee

payments, etc. You are Peter Samson/Anna Aggarwal, Mohali, and Chandigarh.

Reference: DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION , Govt. of NCT, Delhi



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