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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Integrated Grammar Worksheet 3

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Solve the following topics from the worksheet given below to Enhance your Score in English Grammar.
  • Gap Filling

  • Editing Errors

  • Reported Speech

Q1. Complete the passage by choosing the correct answers from the options given.

The king was happy (a) __________ have the toy bird. He wanted it to (b) __________ with the real nightingale (c) __________ that was not possible. The toy bird could (d) __________ only one tune. The king now kept the new bird always (e) __________ his side and heard her song twenty times a day. The artificial bird was tired. It sang (f) __________ the king ordered it to do so.

(a) (i) of (ii) at (iii) to (iv) for

(b) (i) to sang (ii) sing (iii) singing (iv) to sing

(c) (i) but (ii) and (iii) so (iv) hence

(d) (i) can sing (ii) sing (iii) sang (iv) only sing

(e) (i) at (ii) to (iii) by (iv) for

(f) (i) whenever (ii) whatever (iii) whichever (iv) whoever

Q2. Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate words phrases from the given options. Lord Krishna and Arjuna (a) __________ themselves as brahmans and went to Karna. “O kind Raja Karna”, they said. “ we (b) __________ about your charity. We (c) __________ poor brahmans and we (d) __________ to holy places. We (e) __________ some bhiksha. We hope that you (f) __________ us away empty handed”.

(A) (i) dressing (ii) dressed (ii) had dressed (iv) dresses

(b) (i) had heard (ii) has heard (iii) heard (iv) have heard

(c) (i) were (ii) are (ii) had been (iv) is

(d) (i) will go (ii) go (iii) are going (iv) have gone

(e) (i) want (ii) wanted (iii) wants (iv) had wanted

(f) (i) would send (ii) would not send (iii) will not sent (iv) will send

Q3. Read the dialogue given below and complete the paragraph that follows. Patient : doctor, I keep seeing dinosaurs with orange spots.

Doctor : Have you seen an eye doctor ?

Patient : No, I just saw dinosaurs with orange spots.

The patient told the doctor (a) __________ dinosaurs with orange spots. The doctor asked him (b) __________ The patient replied that he had not and added (c) __________.

Q4 & Q5 ( Editing Errors & Reordering of sentences)

Editing Errors & Reordering of Sentences
English With A Difference

Note: Password-protected Answer Key to this worksheet is available below. You need to text me on Chat box on my website. I shall text you the password to open the answer key.

Answer to Grammar Worksheet 3
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