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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

21 Important Competency-Board English Grammar Questions | Class IX-X

Updated: Jan 15

Competency-Based English Integrated Grammar

Topics Covered:

  • Reported Speech

  • Editing Errors

  • Sequential Exercise

  • Gap Filling

Q1.Choose the correct option to complete the suitable reply on behalf of the son.

Father : Why have you come back ?

Son : I missed my school bus.

Father : You never get ready in time.

Son : ____________________

(a) I shall be careful in future.

(b) I should be careful in future.

(c) I would be careful in future.

(d) I could be careful in future.

Q2. Complete the dialogue of the leader with a suitable sentence.

Leader : Please vote for me in this election. I have been working in this area for last twenty years.

Voter : You have been working here for so many years but you have not done anything for the development of the area.

Leader : If you will give me your valuable vote, I promise (c) ________

Voter : I have not decided yet to vote.

Q3. Edit the following paragraph by identifying errors against the underlined sections:

We can balance the summer heat by consuming food items (a) who have cooling effect in our body. (b) You will take care of our nutrition in peak summer. (c) There is many food items which calm the agni on the body. (d) The natural sugar found in fruits are cooling as well as healthy.

Q4. What could be a suitable word for the following blanks in the paragraph?

Venice (a) (is/was/were) the most beautiful city in Italy. It was founded over 1500 years ago (b) (by/in/from) the early settlers here. It is different from (c) (a/an/the) other city in the world. It is built (d) (in/on/over) water. (e) (All/some/few) cars are banned here. Boats are the (f) (only/few/little) method of transportation here.

Q5. Choose the order in which the following jumbled words/phrases should come in sentences.

​(i) cars/safe/are/and/these/fuel efficient

​(ii) available /next/cars/the/will/driverless/be/ years/in/five

​(iii) sounds/dream/like/it/true/a/come

​(iv) cars/have/ will/these/system/voice/command

(a) These car are safe and fuel efficient

(b) Driverless cars will be available in the next five years.

(c) It sounds like a dream come true.

(d) These cars will have voice command system.

(i) abcd (ii) bacd (iii) dabc (iv) badc

Q6. Identify the part of the underlined sentences which contains errors.

The third phase of (a) metro in Nagpur had begun. It shall be completed in 2023 . In this phase, the (b) metro will cover almost the whole city. There will be diversion on several roads due to construction there. (c) Diversion on the road causes traffic jams in many areas. This difficult (d) phase will be a boon in future for the citizen.

Q7. Identify the sequence in which the following gaps can be filled to form a meaningful paragraph.

Jaipur is known as the `Gulabi Nagari’ because (i) __________. It is a very popular tourist destination (ii) __________. Jaipur can be approached easily (iii) __________.

(a) by train or bus

(b) as it has many historical buildings

(c) the people have painted the buildings in pink colour

(a) cba (ii) abc (iii) bca (iv) acb

Q8. Identify the sequence in which the following jumbled words can be written in meaningful sentences.

​(a) cities/life/in/has/difficult/become/metro

​(b) become/on/have/popular/reality/T.V/shows

​(c) telecast/show/every/T.V/to/channel/reality/wants /a

​(d) increases /their /it/rating/T.V/time/in/prime

(iii) Every T.V channel wants to telecast a reality show.

(i) Life has become difficult in metro cities.

(iv) It increases their T.V rating in prime time.

(ii) Reality shows have become popular on T.V.

(a) (iii/i/iv/ii)

(b) (i/ii/iii/iv)

(c) (ii/iv/i/iii)

(d) (i/iii/iv/ii)

Q9. Which of the following reported speech is written in past continuous tense?

Daughter : Our School is arranging a trip to Goa in summer vacation

Mother : What are the dates of the trip ?

Daughter : The trip will be between May 10 to 20.

Mother : OK

(a) The daughter told her mother that their school was arranging a trip to Goa in summer vacation.

(b) The mother asked her what were the dates of the trip.

(c) The daughter replied that the trip would be between May 10 to 20

(d) The mother further told OK to the daughter.

Q10. Draft a suitable question in direct speech from the following answer.

A student replied to a question from the teacher : No, sir. I come from quite a far-off place.

Q11.Read the conversation below and answer the question given below.

Parinity : I am planning to buy a new car

Priyanka : ______________________?

Parinity : I want to buy the latest model of any popular company

Priyanka : It is a good decision

Which question did Priyanka ask Parinity?

Q12. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete an online update.

The climate control comment by an activist ___on social media yesterday.

A. blow up

B. blew up

C. is blown

D. will be blown

Q13. Read the conversation between a doctor and his patient. Complete the sentence by reporting the patient’s reply correctly.

Doctor: Do you feel down from time-to-time Mr. Gopalan?

Patient: Yes, I do not stay in a good mood.

The doctor, while trying to figure out his patient’s ailment, asked about his well-being, to which, the patient affirmed _________________

Q14. Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from an educational website.

He ______ be very tired. He's been working all day long.

(a) should

(b) will

(c) must

(d) can

Q15. Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for thefollowing line, from a news report:

The Uttarakhand government said on the instructions of chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, five resorts in Dhanachuli area of ​​Nainital district has been sealed.





the ​











Q16. Complete the given write-up on global warming by filling in the blank with the correct option:

If current rates of warming _________, the "Hothouse Earth" scenario, which assumes that most of the planet will become uninhabitable, may become a reality.

(a) continues

(b) continue

(c) will continue

(d) continued

Q17. Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.

Obesity is a serious health hazard, which is a result to lifestyle disorder. It is astonishing to see obesity not just among men and women, but also among the school going children.

Use the given format for your response.



Q18. Read the newspaper statement on ADHD and supply a missing word.

A student with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) might not seem to listening or paying attention to class material. Use the given format for your response.

Word Before

Missing Word

Word After

Q19. Complete the following excerpt from an inter-house music competition with the correct option as given below.

The students of Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga, indeed know how to fly. On 25th July, 2022, the Singing Competition was held for the students of Stds III and IV. They did take us to a world _______ music was the language.

(a) when

(b) where

(c) how

(d) whom

Q20. Identify the error from a website article on reading habit and write your correction in the format given below.

In response to character education stated in Indonesian Curriculum 2013, to build characters for students of early ages is significant. This can be built through establishing reading habits and build character education to young learners living in urban and suburban areas simultaneously.

Q21.Find an error from the following statement which appeared in a newspaper report and write your response in the given format.

Procrastination is not a result of laziness or poor time management. Scientific studies suggests that procrastination is due to poor mood management.



Q22.Find an error from the following statement which appeared in a newspaper report and write your response in the given format.

Time management helps you make time to acquire new skills. We often forget that anything in life takes time. That’s why the first step towards get better at something is learning how to make time for it.



Answer Key Q1-Q22

Q1.(a) I shall be careful in future.

Q2. I promise to work for the development.

Q3. (a) which have cooling effect in our body.

(b) You will take care of your nutrition in peak summer.

(c) There are many food items .

(d) The natural sugar found in fruits is

Q4. (a) is (b) by (c) the (d) over (e) all

Q5. (iv) badc

Q6. (a) metro in Nagpur has begun.

Q7. (ii) abc

Q8. (b) (i/ii/iii/iv)

Q9. (a) The daughter told her mother that their school was arranging a trip to Goa in summer vacation.

Q10. 'Do you come from a nearby place?'

Q11.Which car do you want to buy?

Q12. B. blew up

Q13. that he did not stay in a good mood.

Q14. (c) must

Q15. (d) have-has

Q16. (b) (b) continue

Q17. to- of

Q18. to be listening

Q19. (b) where

Q20. build-building


Q22. get__ getting

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