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How to Write 'Letter to Editor' | CBSE Class 12

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


  • Letter to the Editor are written to draw attention of the public authorities towards certain irregularities and common problems.

  • Such letters are also written to raise certain current issues and express writer’s own view point.


  • To express an opinion or share one's views with the general public.

  • To create awareness regarding certain social issues.

  • To disagree with some information or point of view and offer another version.


  • Reference to the article or stating the issue concerned.

  • Origin/causes/of the problem.

  • Contemporary evidence or examples

  • Advantages/disadvantages/repercussions.

  • Your own suggestions to end the letter.

Points to Remember

• Raise the issue by giving certain items or events.

• Analyze the issue-try to find causes.

• Offer suggestions to face the problem.


Be courteous, even if critical.

Sample Letter to Editor

Life in school is set to change drastically. CBSE is planning to introduce a flexible, activity-oriented more practical curriculum in the next academic session. Instead of a rigid and fixed timetable, the curriculum will afford space for discussion, talking to guests, local activities and so on. Write a letter to the Editor expressing your views in not more than 150 words. You are Manoj/Manisha of std. XII.

The Editor

The Times of India

K.G. Marg

New Delhi

Jan 12, 2021

Subject: CBSE New & Practical curriculum

Dear sir,

The rigidity in the education system is best portrayed in the school timetable. Our aim is to make time management an essential aspect of academic planning and bring flexibility and variation in practices. The dynamic time scheme will allow kids to choose the subject they would like to study on a particular day. If they want to learn about water, the topic will be included in discussions on subjects like Maths, science, Social Science etc. The system plans to use school time more creatively in activity-based approach. Teacher talk time will be reduced in favour of student-interaction time. Learning by doing and collaborative approach in teaching learning is the core component of the new pedagogical system.

I feel this initiative by CBSE will certainly make students self-dependent and will promote self-paced learning. Learning by doing is the need of the hour. Only when students are required to make projects, models based on the contents on their syllabus, they will learn the practical aspect of how things work in real life.

I sincerely believe that students and educators all across the country will adopt this new practice of self-learning and activity-based learning once it is implemented in the curriculum. And this new pedagogical approach towards teaching-learning will certainly empower students and make them compatible towards the New Educational policy likely to be introduced soon.



Exercise for Practice

1. You are Mansi/Manish of M.G Road, Delhi. You are worried about the hike in prices of essential commodities like LPG gas, petrol, diesel, vegetables, pulses etc. Write a letter to the editor of Hindustan Times. Delhi to draw the attention of Government to take concrete steps to curb the rising prices/inflation in the benefit of common man.

2. Having observed that crime against woman is increasing day by day in big cities. You feel that self-defence training should be made compulsory for girls in schools. Write a letter to the editor of ‘The Hindu’ highlighting the need for such training and drawing the attention of the Government to take concrete steps for safety of women. You are Navin/Naina, a student of class XII, Happy Public School, Delhi.

3. You travel by ‘Blue Line’ buses in Delhi everyday. You are the witness and experience the rash and negligent driving by the bus drivers. You have also read in the news paper about the death of dozens of people only due to these buses. Write a letter to the editor of Hindustan Times highlighting the related problems. Also give some suggestions.

More Questions to be added soon. Keep Visiting the site.




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