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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

How to Write a Debate? Let's Explore

  • A debate is the formal discussion or argument on a particular matter delivered in favour of or against a subject in a disciplined strong, convincing and refuting manner nature of the debate is argumentative.

Tips to Remember
  • Choose whether you want to write for or against the motion.

  • Always try to select the side you want to support and have more information on that.

  • Support your argument with strong statements.

  • Give facts in support of your view.

  • Clear agreement or disagreement must be expressed.

  • Value points should be developed into paragraph.

  • You can use polite sarcasm. 8. Begin with "Honourable Chairperson, Judges, teacher, and my dear friends, I stand before you to express my views for / against the motion "TOPIC".

  • Use powerful expressions like: -

  • I'd like to argue ……………. -

  • In my opinion ……………… -

  • I fail to understand …………………. -

  • My I ask? …………………… -

  • I disagree with my opponent …………….. -

  • Refer to your opponent's view/views ………………

  • Adopt argumentative style.

  • Conclusion - Suggestions and steps for improvement.

Marking Scheme :
  • Format- 1 Mark

  • Content-2 Marks

  • Expression-2 Marks


Q. You are Sheeya/Shyam or Modern Public School, Jaipur. In the modern world, it is often said that "ONLINE SMART CLASSES ARE THE FUTRE OF EDUCATION STYLE". Write a debate either for or against the motion in 150-200 words.

Topic: Online Smart Classes Are the Future of Education Style.


Honourable Judges, Respected teachers and dear friends. 1 stand before you to express my views on the topic 'online…………..' and today, I Sheeya of XI class will speak for the motion. If you are so old minded and think that computer will distract children from studies, 1 am really sorry because let me remind you that young generation has gone a long way with computers. When most parents think of learning from computers, socializing websites like facebook appear before their eyes. It is the biggest cyber tragedy there are definitely a large number of sites beyond fist facebook.

Unemay, Khan academy, Byju's teaching app, the list of online teaching platforms is endless and ever growing. There are millions of students and teachers who use their websites and apps for their exam preparation. They are mostly free and it is what makes one turn away from traditional paper guides Google has already replaced the word Guru to become the greatest knowledge provide. E learning is also essential because we cut trees to make papers and books. So this is a bitter solution. Rather than living the life of a consumer let’s be contribution Let’s by E-books. Instead of collecting books, let’s convert our phones and computers into virtual libraries and learn. Thank you.

Against the motion

Honourable Judges, Respected teachers and my dear friends. My topic for the day is "online classes are the future of education sytel' and I choose to speak against the motion. Online learning or e-learning fefers to learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet. There is no face-to-face interaction between the teacher and the student. It decreases the scope of adjusting and modifying the language according to the demand of the audience. There is lack of proper guidance and self assessment mechanism. It would also reduce employment among teachers since it involves only brain work and not physical work, they tend to get lethargic. It also leads to lack of discipline. There is no proper schedule. Excellent interactions are involved in physical learning. People tend to make friends who support them and montors who guide them. Thus, no matter how fast technological why of learning should not be displaced. I hope all of you will agree with my views. Thank you and have a nice day.


Q1. You are Shivam/Shivani of XI class. Write a debate either for or against the motion "Homes for the aged is a necessity in India".

Q2. "Brain dreain is not a bone for a developing country like India'. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. You are Kirit/Krati of XI class.

Q3. You are Ashish/Ashna of DAV Public School, Rohtak. You have observed that tuition centres are musbrooming at a high rate these days. Write a debate in favour or against the topic 'Tution or coaching centre are a necessity for students'.

Q4. 'Students should be allowed to take mobile phones to school'. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. You are Ambika/Druv of XI class.

You can Study Poster writing here




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