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Going Places | CBQs | CBSE Board 2024

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Lesson Architecture


  • 'Going Places' mainly focuses on a school-going young girl Sophie's imaginary flights to the unknown world outside.

  • It may be an urge to progress. But it dwells more on the psychological working of a girl's desire, wish, aspirations and or to love and to be loved.

  • The tussle given in the chapter is between earthly pulls and pressures and the imaginative flights of an adolescent mind.

  • The yearning of Sophie to see Danny Casey is really heart-moving. Her persistent effort to explain to herself how she can be believed in by others borders on her dreams and disillusionments born out of her fantasizing. All this is beautifully couched in a language that is simple, interesting and colloquial.

Summary of the Story

Page 77 (Summary)

There is a conversation between Sophie and Jansie. Sophie is expressing her ambition to open a boutique someday, despite Jansie's skepticism about the financial challenges involved. Sophie remains confident and determined, envisioning herself as a manager initially and eventually creating a shop that stands out in the city.

Jansie, however, appears more practical and perhaps resigned to the likelihood that both of them are destined for work at the biscuit factory, which may be a less glamorous prospect compared to Sophie's aspirations.

The exchange reflects the contrast between Sophie's dreams and Jansie's realistic outlook, highlighting the challenges of pursuing one's ambitions, especially when faced with financial constraints.

Page 78 (Line 1-15 | Summary)

As Sophie and Jansie approach Sophie's street, Jansie advises Sophie to be more practical about her plans for opening a boutique. She mentions that shop work doesn't pay well, and Sophie's father wouldn't approve. Sophie playfully suggests becoming an actress for the money, with the boutique as a side venture since actresses don't work full time. Jansie, however, expresses skepticism and points out that if Sophie ever comes into money, she should use it to buy a decent house for both of them.

Sophie then enters her house, leaving Jansie outside in the rain. The conversation reveals Sophie's ambitious dreams, considering careers like acting or fashion design alongside her boutique idea. Jansie, on the other hand, emphasizes the need for a practical approach and suggests using any potential money for a better living situation. Sophie's father is described as busy eating shepherd's pie, with a face marked by grime and sweat from the day's activities.

Page 78 (Line 16-27 | Summary)

In this part of the story, little Derek comments on Sophie's dreams, saying she thinks money grows on trees. Their mother sighs in response. Sophie observes her mother's worn-out appearance, with a stooped back, while she works in the kitchen. The contrast between the delicate bow on her apron and her crooked back strikes Sophie. The evening has darkened the windows, and the small, crowded room is filled with steam from the stove. Sophie's father is described as a heavy-breathing man in his vest at the table, and there's dirty laundry piled up in the corner. The atmosphere is heavy, and Sophie feels a tightness in her throat, prompting her to go look for her brother Geoff. This passage paints a vivid picture of the family's modest and challenging living conditions.

Page 78 (Line 28-39 | Summary)

In the next room, Sophie finds her brother Geoff kneeling on the floor, working on a part of his motorcycle. He's three years out of school and currently an apprentice mechanic, commuting to the far side of the city for work every day. Sophie senses that he's almost grown up, and there are aspects of his life that he keeps private. Despite living under the same roof, she feels there are areas of his life about which she knows nothing, and he rarely shares information voluntarily. Geoff is reserved and doesn't speak much; Sophie has to work to get him to talk. His silence makes her feel as if he's in a world she knows nothing about, and she is somewhat envious of that mysterious aspect of his life.

Page 79 (Line 1-24 | Summary)

The passage describes Sophie's longing to explore the unknown parts of the city and the surrounding countryside that her brother Geoff frequents. These places hold a special fascination for her simply because they are unfamiliar and out of her reach.

Sophie imagines that there might be exotic and interesting people in Geoff's life whom he never talks about. She wishes to be part of that world and desires a deeper connection with her brother. Despite her father's disapproval and Geoff never expressing his opinion, she knows he considers her too young to accompany him. However, Sophie is eager and impatient to explore the vast world beyond, feeling a sense of belonging there. She envisions herself riding with Geoff, dressed in new, shining black leathers, while she wears a yellow dress with a flowing cape. In her imagination, the world welcomes them with applause as they embark on their journey.

Page 79 (Line 25-39 | Summary)

Geoff is focused on a mechanical component, appearing as though he's coaxing it to reveal something. Sophie interrupts his concentration to share that she met someone named Danny Casey in the arcade.

Geoff is surprised and questions the truth of her statement, seemingly skeptical about her encounter with Danny Casey. Sophie assures him it's true but admits she hasn't told their dad yet, feeling a bit chastened because normally, Geoff is the first person she shares her secrets with.

Geoff remains unconvinced and expresses doubt, prompting Sophie to recount the moment. She explains that she was looking at clothes in Royce's window when Danny Casey unexpectedly appeared beside her. The passage highlights the siblings' dynamic and Geoff's initial disbelief in Sophie's story about meeting Danny Casey.

Page 80 (Line 1-38 | Summary)

Sophie shares with her brother Geoff that she met someone named Danny Casey in the arcade. Geoff, curious about the details, asks her to describe what Danny looks like. Sophie mentions his green, gentle eyes and notes that he's not as tall as one might expect. She briefly considers mentioning something about his teeth but decides against it.

Their father enters the scene, having washed up and smelling of soap. He nonchalantly turns on the television, tosses one of little Derek's shoes onto the sofa, and sits down. Geoff then informs their father about Sophie's encounter with Danny Casey. Sophie squirms in her seat, and their father, with a disdainful expression, seems doubtful. Geoff insists that it's true and brings up their father's past acquaintance with someone who knew Tom Finney, a legendary footballer.

The conversation shifts to discussing Danny Casey's potential in football, with their father expressing cautious optimism. Geoff is confident in Casey's abilities, emphasizing that he's with the best team in the country. Sophie adds an interesting twist to the discussion by revealing that Danny Casey mentioned he's planning to buy a shop.

Their father reacts with disbelief, questioning where Sophie heard this information. Sophie asserts that Danny Casey told her directly. However, their father remains skeptical, muttering something inaudible and turning in his chair. Geoff confirms Sophie's story, explaining the details of the encounter in the arcade. The passage captures the family dynamics, the skepticism of the father, and the mix of enthusiasm and disbelief regarding Sophie's news about meeting Danny Casey.

Page 81 (Line 1-4 | Summary)

Sophie's father responds aggressively to her revelation about meeting Danny Casey and hearing about his plans to buy a shop. He warns her that she might get into trouble by talking too much. Sophie, however, seeks support from her brother Geoff, asking him if he believes her. Geoff, while acknowledging that he would like to believe her, admits that he doesn't. This exchange further highlights the skepticism within the family regarding Sophie's encounter with Danny Casey and his plans for the future.

Page 81 (Line 5-38 | Summary)

In Sophie's brother Geoff's room, the amber glow from a table lamp illuminates the wall, showcasing a large poster of United's first-team squad and colored photographs underneath, including three featuring the young Irish player, Casey.

Sophie, sitting with Geoff, implores him to promise not to tell anyone about her encounter with Danny Casey. Geoff, skeptical, suggests there's nothing to tell unless it's true. Sophie, concerned about their father's reaction, insists that it is true and asks for Geoff's promise.

Geoff remains doubtful, pointing out that Casey likely has many admirers. Sophie, however, claims that Casey told her he's not involved with other girls and describes him as quiet. Geoff teases her, expressing disbelief that someone would share such personal information. Sophie recounts the meeting, explaining that she approached Casey, recognized him from TV interviews due to his accent, and initiated a conversation about the clothes in Royce's window. She notes that Casey seemed lonely, especially considering the distance from the west of Ireland. Sophie concludes the story by mentioning that Casey invited her to meet him again. The passage provides insight into Sophie's encounter with Casey, revealing her perspective and the details of their conversation in Geoff's room.

Page 82 (Line 1-10 | Summary)

In this continuation of the conversation, Sophie tells Geoff that Danny Casey promised to give her an autograph next week. Geoff remains skeptical, expressing doubt that Casey would actually show up.

Sophie, eager for Geoff to believe her, asks if he does now. Geoff, seemingly uninterested in the topic, retrieves his jacket and puts it on. Sophie wishes he would pay more attention to his appearance and care more about clothes. Despite this, she finds him tall with a strong, handsome face.

Geoff, still not fully convinced, responds by saying that it's the unlikeliest thing he's ever heard. The passage highlights the tension between Sophie's excitement about her encounter with Danny Casey and Geoff's skepticism, emphasizing the contrast in their perspectives on the situation.

Page 82 (Line 11-19 | Summary)

On Saturday, the family continued their weekly tradition of attending a Manchester United football match. Sophie, her father, and little Derek positioned themselves close to the goal, while Geoff, as usual, joined his friends higher up in the stands. The match resulted in a two-nil victory for United, with Casey scoring the second goal. Casey's play demonstrated a combination of innocence and Irish genius, skillfully maneuvering around two defenders near the penalty area and defeating the hesitant goalkeeper from a dozen yards.

Sophie's father passionately shouted for Casey to pass during the play. After witnessing Casey's success, Sophie felt a sense of pride. Meanwhile, Geoff, who had a different perspective from his position higher up in the stands, was ecstatic after the victory. The passage captures the family's shared enthusiasm for football and the joy they experience when watching their favorite team, particularly Casey's notable performance during the match.

Page 82 (Line 20-38 | Summary)

On the bus, someone expresses a wish that Danny Casey were English. Meanwhile, little Derek tells his mother that Ireland will win the World Cup, and Sophie's father goes to the pub to celebrate.

The following week, Jansie casually asks Sophie about meeting Danny Casey, having heard about it from Geoff who shared the news with Frank. Sophie, caught off guard, tries to downplay it, but Jansie senses that Sophie might be covering something up. Pressed further, Sophie reluctantly admits that she did meet Danny Casey.

Jansie, surprised, exclaims in disbelief. Sophie, frustrated by Geoff's betrayal of their secret, glares at the ground. The passage reveals Sophie's frustration at her brother Geoff for sharing their special secret about meeting Danny Casey with others, particularly with Jansie. Sophie had intended it to be something unique and confidential between her and Geoff, not meant for public discussion. The situation adds a layer of tension to the relationships among the characters.

Page 83 (Line 1-23 | Summary)

Sophie expresses her frustration with Geoff for not keeping their encounter with Danny Casey a secret, worried that the whole neighborhood will find out. Jansie, reassuring Sophie, promises to keep the secret, affirming her ability to do so.

Sophie emphasizes the need for secrecy, fearing that her dad would be upset if he were to find out. Jansie, however, is surprised, thinking Sophie's dad would be thrilled. Sophie realizes that Jansie doesn't know about the date aspect of the meeting, which Geoff hadn't shared. Relieved that at least that part is still a secret, Sophie feels reassured that some things might still be sacred.

She downplays the encounter as a small thing, mentioning asking for an autograph but not having paper or a pen. Sophie is unsure about how much Geoff has disclosed. Jansie expresses a wish to have been there, seemingly excited about the idea.

Sophie explains that her dad would not want to believe it, given his usual demeanor. She expresses concern about people coming to their house and asking about Danny Casey, fearing her dad's reaction and her mom's response to any potential family conflict.

In a hushed tone, Jansie assures Sophie that she can be trusted to keep the secret. The passage highlights the complexity of Sophie's feelings about the situation, her worries about family reactions, and the dynamics of trust and secrecy within their friendship.

Page 83 (Line 24-37 | Summary)

In the darkness of the night, Sophie walks alongside the canal, following a sheltered path illuminated only by the lights from the wharf across the water. The constant noise of the city is muffled and distant in this place. It's a location she frequented during her childhood, and there's a wooden bench beneath a solitary elm where lovers sometimes meet.

As she sits on the bench, waiting, Sophie reflects on the perfection of this place for a clandestine meeting, shielded from prying eyes by the shadows and the water. She is confident that he, presumably Danny Casey, would approve of this discreet location.

During the wait, Sophie envisions his arrival. She gazes along the canal, imagining him emerging from the shadows, anticipating the excitement that would follow their meeting. However, after a while of waiting, she begins to consider the possibility of him not showing up. The passage captures the anticipation, imagination, and a touch of uncertainty as Sophie waits in the secluded spot for the meeting that she had envisioned.

Page 84 (Line 1-11 | Summary)

In the quiet solitude of waiting for Danny by the canal, Sophie reflects on her thoughts. She acknowledges the growing sense of doubt within her as she wishes for Danny to arrive. The passage reveals her internal struggle, feeling the weight of skepticism from others, especially from her brother Geoff, who had expressed disbelief in her encounter with Danny Casey.

Sophie grapples with the fear of Danny not showing up and the potential challenges of convincing others of the truth. Despite knowing the reality of her connection with Danny, she contemplates the difficulty of proving it to those who doubt her. The passage captures the inner turmoil and frustration Sophie experiences, torn between her private truth and the external skepticism she faces from those around her.

Page 84 (Line 12-23 | Summary)

As Sophie continues to wait for Danny by the canal, she measures the changes happening within her. Resignation settles in slowly, a process rather than a sudden realization.

In her introspection, Sophie acknowledges that sadness has taken hold of her. The burden of this sadness feels heavy as she sits there, waiting and coming to terms with the likelihood that Danny will not come. She envisions the future, foreseeing the challenges of living with this burden. She anticipates the doubt that others, especially Geoff, will cast upon her, remembering how they had doubted her before. Despite the potential skepticism from those around her, Sophie resolves to hold her head high, clinging to the memory of how it truly was with Danny.

The passage captures the melancholy and resignation that Sophie feels in the face of disappointment, contemplating the difficult emotions she expects to encounter on her journey home and the potential disbelief from those who doubted her in the first place.

Page 84 (Line 24-39 | Page 85 (Line 1-5) | Summary)

As Sophie climbs the crumbling steps to the street, she's relieved to see her father's bicycle propped against the pub wall, indicating he won't be home when she arrives.

In her imagination, she revisits the moment she first approached Danny Casey in the arcade. She pictures him outside Royce's, approaching him with the words, "Excuse me, but aren't you Danny Casey?" In her mental replay, Danny turns, reddening slightly, and confirms his identity. Sophie expresses admiration, mentioning that she and her family watch him every week and think he's great.

She continues to envision the scene, asking Danny for an autograph. Sophie describes his features—his eyes are on the same level as hers, his nose freckled and turning slightly upward. When he smiles, he does so shyly, revealing teeth with gaps between. His green eyes seem gentle, almost afraid, resembling a gazelle's. The passage beautifully captures Sophie's admiration and the subtle interactions between her and Danny, emphasizing the charm and shyness of the football player.

Page 85 (Line 6-22 | Summary)

In this continuation of the imaginary encounter with Danny Casey, Sophie and Danny both realize they don't have a pen for the autograph. Sophie expresses that her brothers will be disappointed, suggesting a sense of shared regret.

After Danny mentions not having a pen, Sophie waits alone in the arcade for a long while, standing in the same spot where he stood. She recalls the soft, melodious voice and the shimmer of his green eyes. Despite the disappointment of not getting an autograph, the memory of the encounter remains vivid in Sophie's mind.

The passage then shifts to a scene from the recent Saturday match, where Sophie vividly recalls Danny Casey's performance. She sees him gracefully maneuvering past defenders, senses the anticipation in the crowd as he hovers over the ball, and hears the explosive cheers when he successfully scores a goal. The description captures the admiration and awe Sophie feels for the football prodigy, emphasizing the lasting impact of her imagined meeting with Danny Casey.

MCQ Extract Questions: ( CBQs)

“She thinks money grows on trees, don’t she, Dad?’ said little Derek, hanging on the back of his father’s chair. Their mother sighed. Sophie watched her back stooped over the sink and wondered at the incongruity of the delicate bow which fastened her apron strings. The delicate-seeming bow and the crooked back. The evening had already blacked in the windows and the small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with the heavy-breathing man in his vest at the table and the dirty washing piled up in the corner. Sophie felt a tightening in her throat. She went to look for her brother Geoff.

Q1. Choose the correct option about Sophie’s parents based on the extract given above.

a) Sophie’s parents’ marriage was an example of harmony and affection.

b) Sophie’s relationship with her parents was warm and friendly.

c) Sophie’s mother was subdued while her father was detached.

d) Sophie and her brother didn’t like to stay with their parents.

Ans: (c) c) Sophie’s mother was subdued while her father was detached.

Q2. Choose the option that supports the contention coming through Derek’s dialogue, “She thinks money grows on trees, don’t she, Dad?”.

a) Derek thought his sister to be unreasonable at times.

b) Derek had no faith in Sophie’s abilities to open a boutique.

c) Derek thought of his sister as someone who was not realistic.

d) Derek was not at all happy about Sophie’s habit of day dreaming.

Ans: c) Derek thought of his sister as someone who was not realistic.

Q3. It could be inferred that Sophie’s mother was fatigued and burdened. Choose the option listing the elements that form the basis of this inference.

a) her sigh

b) her delicate bow

c) her apron’s strings

d) her crooked back

a) 1, 2

b) 3, 4

c) 2, 3

d) 1, 4

Ans: d) 1, 4

Q4. “Sophie felt a tightening in her throat.” Pick the option that lists Sophie’s feelings in this context. 1) anxious

2) annoyed

3) uneasy

4) terrified

(a) Options 1 & 3

b) Options 2 & 3

c) Options 1 & 4

d) Options 2 & 4

Ans: (a) Options 1 & 3

Q2. On Saturday they made their weekly pilgrimage to watch United. Sophie and her father and little Derek went down near the goal — Geoff, as always, went with his mates higher up. United won two-nil and Casey drove in the second goal, a blend of innocence and Irish genius, going round the two big defenders on the edge of the penalty area, with her father screaming for him to pass, and beating the hesitant goalkeeper from a dozen yards. Sophie glowed with pride. Afterwards Geoff was ecstatic.

(i) Their visit to the match was like a ‘weekly pilgrimage’ refers to

a) strong bond as a family.

b) love for a fixed routine.

c) similar feelings of devotion.

d) excitement for the match.

Ans: c) similar feelings of devotion.

(ii) Based on the following statements, choose the correct option.

Assertion: “Geoff, as always, went with his mates higher up.”

Reason 1: Geoff was not very close to his family and lived in his own world.

Reason 2: Geoff was rude and indifferent towards everyone around him and didn’t care about anyone at all.

a) Reason 1 and Reason 2 both can be inferred from the assertion.

b) Reason 1 can be inferred but Reason 2 cannot be inferred from the assertion.

c) Reason 1 cannot be inferred but Reason 2 can be inferred.

d) Reason 1 and Reason 2 both cannot be inferred.

Ans: b) Reason 1 can be inferred but Reason 2 cannot be inferred from the assertion.

(iii) ‘Sophie glowed with pride.’ Her pride is the result of

a) belonging to a region where everyone thought of Danny as a hero.

b) watching her father cheer and support Danny.

c) The information she gathered from her brother, about Danny.

d) being an avid fan and her sense of closeness with Danny.

Ans: d) being an avid fan and her sense of closeness with Danny.

(iv) Choose the option listing the situation in which one would be ‘ecstatic’.

Scenario 1


Scenario 3

Scenario 4

​Going to an old age home and listening to them share stories from the past.

Being seated next to your favourite pop singer during a short flight.

​Going to a dog show and losing your pet there.

Coming home and finding that there are 11 messages from your Principal in your email inbox.

a) Scenario 1

b) Scenario 2

c) Scenario 3

d) Scenario 4

Ans: b) Scenario 2

Competency Based Questions ( CBQs)

Q1. The story is written in a manner that it makes it difficult to point out clearly if Sophie met Danny Casey or not. Suggest possible reasons for such writing. [CBSE Question Bank 2021]

Ans. The author probably wanted the reader to guess whether it was realistic on the part of Sophie to meet Danny Casey given the socio-economic background she hailed from . Another reason could be the author wanted to leave the reader with a sense of suspense like in a mystery story.

Q2. Sophie is caught between the world she lives in and the world she wants to live in. Elucidate. [CBSE Question Bank 2021]

Ans. Sophie belongs to a low-midle class family. She lives in a small room which tells its own story of grim porverty. She therefore creates a world of her own fantasy where she fancies to own a boutique and also meet an iconic football player like Danny Casey.

Q3. Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her meeting with Danny Casey? [CBSE 2020, 12, 11]

Ans. Sophie didn’t want Jansie to know about her meeting with Danny Casey because she was telling a story that was just for Geoff. Besides, she feared that Jansie would spread the secret across the whole neghbourhood. It would embarrass her greatly and she would have to bear with public humiliation.

Q4. What was the only occasion in which Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person? [CBSE 2014, 11]

The only occasion in which Sophie saw Danny Casey in person was when on that Saturday, she went with her father and brothers to watch the football match in which Casey’s football team 'United' played.

Q5. How did Sophie’s father react when Geoff told him about Sophie’s meeting with Danny Casey? [CBSE 2011]

Ans. Sophie’s father termed it as another of her 'wild stories' when Geoff told him that Sophie had met Danny Casey. He didn’t believe her for a minute. He turned down the possibility of Sphie's meeting Danny Casey outrightly. He futher added that she was going to talk herself into a trouble in future.

Long Question-Answer

Q1. How does Sophie include her brother Geoff in her fantasy of her future?

Ans: Geoff symbolizes the romanticized world of Sophie. She is given to romanticizing about her life. Every thing and every aspect of Geoff's life suits Sophie's temperament. And she reveals herself in that with a great interest.

She suspects that, may be like her, he, too, has 'areas of his life' about which Sophie does know nothing but would do her best to know. These hold a great interest for her as does her own personal romanticized world.

She is jealous of his silence' because she feels that he may be having secret things like her. These have for her 'a special fascination simply because they were unknown to her and remained out of her reach'. Geoff represents for her that exotic world which is always glamorous for her. That's why, she wishes to be admitted more deeply into Geoff's 'affections' that 'someday he might take her with him'.

Sophie feels 'at home' into that vast world outside her! She sees herself riding behind him and listening to the sound of applause as the world rises to greet him. Geoff is the key to all this romanticized or fantasized world of Sophie.

Q2. How does Sophie describe her meeting with Danny Casey? How is it received by Geoff and her father?

There is an indication in the chapter that Sophie has a very soft corner for Danny Casey and she once meets him too. She tells Geoff that she met Danny. This at once arouses Geoff's curiosity.

She was looking at the clothes in Royce's window when someone came and stood beside him. She looked round and saw it was Danny. He had green and gentle eyes and wasn't so tall. Then their father came after washing. Geoff told him that Sophie had met Danny Casey.

This made Sophie wriggle as she knew her father won't receive the news delightfully. Her father had an expression of disdain on his face. When Sophie told that he was going to buy a shop her father grimaced.

He muttered something and called her story wild one. When Geoff told him that she met him in the arcade, her father commented that soon she would land in trouble. Geoff also, commented that he didn't believe that, though he evinced a keen interest in knowing about it more.

When Sophie narrated her meeting Danny and asking for an autograph for little Derek, Geoff told her that it was 'the unlikeliest thing I ever heard'.

Q3. Contrast Sophie’s real world with her fantasies. [CBSE 2009]

Ans. Sophie lived in a two contrasting worlds- ONe is her low-middle class struggling world and the other is the world of her own fantasy. In her grim world she went to school and walked back from school with Jansie. When she entered home, she felt suffocated in her cramped home and saw her hardworking father eating Shepherd’s pie. She wanted to only talk to her brother Geoff.

The second world is the one she loved living in. It’s the world of her fantasy. In this world, she dreamt of becoming a boutique owner like Mary Quant or an actress because there was real money in that or even a fashion designer.

In her fantasy world she planned to become a manager as soon as she joined the biscuit factory. Also in this fantasy world, she met the famous football player Danny Cassey. Thus, we can see that the writer has projected through Sophie the tendency of teenagers to dream big and live in a world of fantasy which is divorced from reality.




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