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Glimpses of India/Coorg/Class X / English/ NCERT Solution

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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  • 'Coorg' situated midway between Mysore and Mangalore, is referred to as India's coffee country.

  • The author calls the place ' piece of heaven' .

  • The lesson describes the weather, natural beauty, animal and plant life of Coorg.

  • The people are described as beautiful , hospitable and having a rich martial history.


  • Coorg or Kodagu, is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is home to evergreen forests and spice and coffee plantations.

  • It rains heavily during the monsoons, but the months from September to March are ideal.

  • The weather is perfect and the air is fragrant with the smell of refreshing coffee.

  • The poeple of Coorg are a proud and brave race. It is said that they are of Arabic or Greek descent, and their customs and traditions are distinct from the mainstream population.

  • Coorg homes have a rich tradition of hospitality, and one gets to hear tales of valour of fathers and sons if one visits them.

  • The Coorgi regiment is one of the most decorated regiments of the Indian Army. The first Chief of the Indian Army, General Cariappa was a coorgi.

  • The people of Coorg are the only people in India permitted to carry firearms without a licence.

  • Coorg has amazing wildlife, and the terrain makes it a great place for outdoor and adventure activities.

  • The rolling hills and the swiftly flowing river offer the perfect area for adventure sports-river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking.

  • Coorg also has numerous walking trails which are a favourite with trekkers.

  • The Brahmagiri Hills give a panoramic view of the misty landscape of Coorg.

  • Surrounded by the Kaveri and accessible by a rope bridge is the sixty-four acre island of Nisargadhama.

  • Bylakuppe, which has a large Tibetan settlement, is situated nearby. Visitors searching for the heart and soul of India may find it right here in Coorg.

NCERT Solution

Thinking about the Text ( Page 92)

1. Where is Coorg?

Ans: Coorg is midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore.

2. What is the story about the Kodavu people’s descent?

As one story goes , a part of Alexander's army moved south along the coast and settled there when return became impractical. They married the locals and their culture is apparent in the martial tradition, marriage and religious rites, which are distinct from the Hindu mainstream. The theory of Arab origin can be derived frm the long, black coat with an embroidered waist-belt worn by the Kodavus and resembles the kufia worn by the Arabs and the Kurds.

3. What are some of the things you now know about

(i) the people of Coorg?

They are possibly of Greek or Arabic descent.

(ii) the main crop of Coorg?

Coffee and spices

(iii) the sports it offers to tourists?

It offers tourists river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking and numerous walking trails for treks.

(iv) the animals you are likely to see in Coorg?

The animlas you are likely to see in Coorg are birds, bees and butterflies; Macaques, Malabar squirrels, langurs, slender loris and wild elephants.

(v) its distance from Bangalore, and how to get there?

Its distance from Bangalore is 260 kms.

Extra Questions:

1. Where is Coorg located? Why is Coorg called the land of the rolling hills?

Ans :

Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is situated midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. It is a land of rolling hills and picturesque landscape. Coorg is a coffee country famous for its hills, rain forests and spices. It is surrounded by hills and covered with rain forests. Because of numerous hills, the city is also called the land of rolling hills.

Q2. What is Kodagu? Why is it famous?

Ans : Kodagu is another name of Coorg, the smallest district of Karnataka. It is famous for its coffee gardens, spices and rainforests. It is also famous for its brave people and culture.

Q3. What is the origin of the people of Coorg?

Ans : According to one story, the people of Coorg are the descent of Greek. The army of Alexander settled here and expanded their families by marrying the locals. According to other belief, the people of Coorg are the descent of the Arabs as their dress resembles the Kuffia worn by the Arabs.

Q4. What is Kuppia? How does it make the Kodavus close to the Arabs?

Ans : ‘Kuppia’ is a long, black coat with embroidered waist belt worn by the people of Coorg. It is very similar to Kuffia worn by the Arabs.

Q5. What are the two contradictory traits of the character of the Kodavus?

Ans : The people of Coorg are peace-loving people. They are known for their hospitality and tradition. However, they are also known for their bravery. They are the only people in India who are permitted to carry firearms without a licence.

Q6. Why are the Kodavus permitted to carry firearms without a licence?

Ans: Kodavus, the people of Coorg, are known for their loyalty and bravery. The Coorg regiment is one of the most celebrated regiments in the Indian Army. The people of Coorg are the only one in India who are allowed to carry firearms without licence.

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