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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Gap-Filling Exercise | English Grammar | CBSE | State Boards

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Choose the best word from the given options to complete the following passages:


​A doctor had the habit of talking to the trees _____ the roadside as he took his walks in the evening. He would bend _______ kiss the trees lovingly and whisper kind words to ______. This was _______ odd but beautiful sight. It was indeed ____ noble act in this wicked world. One day he was very upset ____ see one of his trees cut down. This nature lover was so upset that he collapsed on the spot surprising the passersby.

​(a) in/above/beside/by ​(b) at/to/in/on (c) ​it/him/that/them ​(d) a/an/but/the ​(e) a/an/the/some ​(f) at/to/on/in

Answer Key

(a) (iv) by (b) (ii) to (c) (i) them (d) (ii) an (e) (iii) a (f) (ii) to


​Venice (a) __________ the most beautiful city in Italy. It was founded over 1500 years ago (b) __________ the early settlers here. It is different from (c) __________ other city in the world. It is built (d) __________ water. (e) __________ cars are banned here. Boats are (f) __________ only method of transportation here.

​a) (i) are (ii) is (iii) be (iv) was

(b) (i) from (ii) to (iii) by (iv) for

(c) (i) any (ii) many (iii) every (iv) each

(d) (i) over (ii) off (iii) away (iv) on

(e) (i) Some (ii) Few (iii) All (iv) Most

(f) (i) a (ii) an (iii) this (iv) the

Answer Key

a) (ii) is (b) (iii) by (c) (i) any (d) (iv) on (e) (iii) all (f) (iv) the


The third phase (a)_________ metro in Delhi has begun. It (b)________ be completed in 2015. In (c)_____________ phase, the metro will cover almost the whole city. There will be diversion on (d)__________ roads due to construction there. Diversion on the road (e)_____________ cause traffic jams in many areas. This difficult phase will be (f)_____________ boon in future for the citizen.

​(a) (i) for (ii) of (iii) from (iv) about

(b) (i) would (ii) could (iii) shall (iv) will

(c) (i) that (ii) this (iii) these (iv) those

(d) (i) many (ii) any (iii) more (iv) less

(e) (i) should (ii) must (iii) may (iv) might

(f) (i) an (ii) the (iii) one (iv) a

Answer Key

(a) (ii) of (b) (iv) will (c) (ii) this (d) (i) many (e) (iii) may (f) (iv) a


​Delhi (a)________become the crime capital of the country. Cases of robbery and chain snatching are increasing day (b)__________ day. The criminals it seem (c)__________ not afraid of the police. Robberies (d)_________ broad day lights are very common these days. The citizens (e)__________feel safe in the city. The government (f)______________ try to improve the law and order situation.

​(a) (i) have (ii) had (iii) has (iv) having

(b) (i) in (ii) by (iii) from (iv) about (

c) (i) is (ii) are (iii) was (iv) be

(d) (i) in (ii) into (iii) up (iv) upon

(e) (i) did not (ii) do not (iii) does not (iv) doing not

(f) (i) should (ii) can (iii) may (iv) might

Answer Key (a) (iii) has (b) (ii) by (c) (ii) are (d) (i) in (e) (ii) do not (f) (i) should


Jean could not get (a) _______ job as nobody would trust (b) _______. Consequently his life (c) ___________ a hell. A Bishop was moved (d) _____________ seeing his pitiable condition. The Bishop let him into his house (e) ___________ asked him the reason of his being so dejected. Jean told him his (f) _________ story.

​(a) (i) some (ii) many (iii) much (iv) any

(b) (i) his (ii) he (iii) him (iv) himself

(c) (i) became (ii) becomes (iii) become (iv) has become

(d) (i) at (ii) on (iii) in (iv) by

(e) (i) and (ii) but (iii) or (iv) however

(f) (i) misfortune (ii) fortunate (iii) unfortunately (iv) unfortunate

Answer Key

(a) (iv) Any (b) (iii) Him (c) (i) Became (d) (ii) On (e) (i) And (f) (iv) Unfortunate


Water is (a) __________ of the essential and natural commodities that (b) ____________ not lost its significance with the passage (c) _____________ time. No doubt, a day without water (d) ___________ life nothing short of a real hell. Besides sharp rise in population (e) _________ of water also leads to water (f) _____________.

(a) (i) some (ii) none (iii) once (iv) one

(b) (i) had (ii) have (iii) has (iv) having

(c) (i) of (ii) off (iii) over (iv) in

(d) (i) made (ii) making (iii) makes (iv) has made

(e) (i) waste (ii) wasting (iii) wasted (iv) wastage

(f) (i) scarce (ii) scarcity (iii) scared (iv) sacred

Answer Key

(a) (iv) One (b) (ii) Have (C) (i) Of (d) (iii) Makes (e) (iv) Wastage (f) (ii) Scarcity


​Mount Abu which (a) __________ (be) the only hill station of Rajasthan, which is very popular, in that region. According to the legend it (b) __________ (be) the home of saint Vashishta who (c) __________ the four powerful Rajput tribes. Maharaj of Sirohi (d) __________ it on rent to the British Government who (e) __________it as the headquarters for the Resident of Rajputana (f) __________ at the Nakki lake it is known as a place that increases joy.

​(a) (i) was (ii) is (iii) were (iv) has been

(b) (i) is (ii) were (iii) was (iv) had been

(c) (i) creating (ii) create (iii) creates (iv) created

(d) (i) had given (ii) gives (iii) give (iv) gave

(e) (i) had used (ii) was using (iii) used (iv) is using

(f) (i) was situated (ii) situated (iii) situates (iv) is situated

Answer Key

(a) (ii) is (b) (iii) was (c) (iv) created (d) (i) had given (e) (iii) used (f) (ii) situated


​The Garhwal, (a)__________valley of flowers, (b) _________a place of fun and frolic. It offers a variety (c) ________facilities to all. It is also a place of beauty (d) _________quietness. People enjoy rafting and wafting with snow. Wide open spaces are also available for camping. It is an opportunity one (e) _________not miss. It is a place (f) _________people of all ages can enjoy.

​(a) (i) on (ii) an (iii) a (iv) the

(b) (i) are (ii) is (iii) am (iv) was

(c) (i) for (ii) of (iii) with (iv) from

(d) (i) and (ii) but (iii) or (iv) so

(e) (i) would (ii) should (iii) could (iv) ought (f) (i) when (ii) who (iii) whom (iv) where

Answer Key

a) (iii) a (b) (ii) is (c) (ii) of (d) (i) and (e) (ii) should (f) (iv) where


​Animals (a)---------- been helpful to man (b)--------many ways. They help us in crushing oil, drawing water (c)--------- carrying load. They have been actively involved in transportation (d)---------. They have been (e)---------part of the lives of human beings, (f)---------- had always been dependent on animals in one way or the other.

​(a) (i) Has (ii) have (iii) had (iv) head (

(b) (i) in (ii) for (iii) from (iv) with

(c) (i) but (ii) and (iii) or (iv) so

(d) (i) to (ii) too (iii) for (iv) two

(e) (i) an (ii) a (iii) the (iv) on

(f) (i) which (ii) when (iii) whom (iv) who

Answer Key

a) (ii) have (b) (i) in (c) (ii) and (d) (ii) too (e) (ii) a (f) (iv) who


​Mathematics is (a) ------------ old as civilization itself and is one (b) ------- the most useful (c) ----------- fascinating branches of human knowledge. It encompasses (d) -------------topics of study and as such it (e) --------- difficult to define the term “mathematics” which (f) --------- from a Greek word meaning “ inclined to learn “,

​(a) (i) so (ii) an (iii) as (iv) the

(b) (i) off (ii) for (iii) upon (iv) of

(c) (i) so (ii) but (iii) yet (iv) and

(d) (i) various (ii) many (iii) much (iv) few

(e) (i) is (ii) was (iii) has (iv) had

(f) (i) comes (ii) came (iii) come (iv) coming

Answer Key

(a) (iii) as (b) (iv) of (c) (iv) and (d) (ii) many (e) (i) is (f) (i) comes

Questions for Practice

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