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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Gap Filling Exercise 2 | CBSE Grammar

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Choose the best word from the given options to complete the following passage :


Rain (a) ____ (come, comes, came, coming) as a welcome relief after the heat and dust (b) _____ (to, of, for, on) the summer. Rain is (c) _____ (the, a, an, one) wonderful gift of Nature to all mankind. If (d) _____ (their, there, those, they) are no rains, crop will not grow. All the vegetation (e) _____ (will, would, can, could) wither away. We cannot think of life on (f) _____ (those, these, this, that) planet without rain.


Flowers (a) _____ (was, were, is, are) the pride of spring. They are the (b) _____(pretty, pretter, prettiest, very pretty) and sweetest gift of nature which is put on display (c) ____(on, into, in, for) spring season. Last February a flower show was (d) _____ (organise, organised, organising, organises) in the local Rose Garden. Many stalls exhibiting (e) _____ (an, a, the, many) variety of flowers, arranged in various fashions, were put up. They were really enchanting to see. The judges (f)_____ (has, have, had, were having) really a tough time in judging the best.


​You may say that people should (a) ---------( be/am/is/are) allowed to do what they want. If they want (b) -------(to/in/into/for) ruin their health (c)-------- (of/from/in/by) smoking, that is their affair. Anyway , it has really (d) -------- (be/being/been/is) proved that there is (e) ------(is/the/an/a) definite link between smoking and cancer. Even for normal and healthy people, smoking (f) --------- ( was/were/is/are) a harmful pleasure.


It‟s a matter of shame (a)____(most/that/when/though) temples of knowledge (b) ____ (became/becomes/had become/have become) hubs of politics and violence. The presence of ragging on (c)____(most/much/more/very) college campuses points to the erosion (d)____ (on/of/in/for) values and culture. Educational institutions and families (e)____(needs/needed/are needing/need) to share the responsibility of educating their children on the need to live and let (f)____ (anothers/others/other/another) live in harmony.


He asked his students (a) ____ (in/of/to/at) sit in pairs and look (b) _____(down/at/upon/to) each other's work, exchanging advice and comments (c) _____ (in/into/on/by) possible mistakes. The students corrected their (d) ____ (mine/my/own/our) work and handed it (e) _____ (over/on/back/by) to him. He, later on crosschecked (f) ____(their/a/an/the) mistakes pointed out by the students themselves.


Sleepwalkers are a source (a) ____ (for, to, of, by) amusement to other people, thanks to (b) ____ (his, their, them, you) Zombie-like behaviour. But for the families of sleepwalkers, they (c) _____ (was, are, is, will) a source of anxiety, because sleep walking incident are not easy to prevent and sometimes (d) ____ (result, results, resulted, will result) in accidents. No one (e) ____(knew, known, knows, know) for sure what triggers sleepwalking. It is not, as believed earlier, walking in a dream, because body movement (f) ____ (shut, shuts, will shut, have shut) in deep sleep.


So long as I was forced to attend school. I _____ (feel, is feeling, felt, have felt) an unbearable torture. I often ____(count, counted, is counting, will count) the years before I would have my freedom. My elder brothers had ____(finish, will finish, finished, finishes) their academic career and were engaged in life, each in ____(their, his, her, those) way. How I envied them when, after a hurried meal ____(on, at, in, between) the morning, I found the inevitable carriage that took us____(for, from, to, at) school ready at the gate.


Without rains, (a) _____ (a, an, the, our) water level of the earth will go down. The people (b) _____ (will, would, can, could) not get water (c) _____ (on, to, for, of) drink and food to eat. There will be a terrible drought. Water (d) _____ (are, is, was, were) life and without rain (e) _____ (there, here, their, then) will be no life on the earth. People wait for rain eagerly when it is (f) _____. (delay, delayed, delaying, delays) We should thank God for this great gift.


So many people died (a) ------( from, off, with, by ) cholera. Govt. hospitals (b) ------ ( has, have, had, hadn't ) been instructed to keep special wards ready for the patients. The nurses have been (c) ------ ( advise, advised, advisable, advising ) to offer first aid immediately (d) -------( at , on, then, to ) arrival of the patients. When I reached (e) ------ ( their, there, here, then ) they mistook me to be (f) ------ ( the, a, an, some ) new patient.


Butterflies are some of the world’s (a) ------- (much, many, most, more) beautiful insect. They grow (b) ---------- (to, with, from, by) egg to adult in four stages. Children enjoy (c) ------ ( chase, chased, chases, chasing) them and sometimes manage to catch some. A child’s intention usually (d) ------- (was, were, is, are ) to touch and feel this colourful insect and not to harm it. Butterflies escape harms (e) ------(to, from, by, with) merging with its surroundings. Sometimes their brightly coloured wings repel (f) ------ ( its, them, their, there) enemies.


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