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Business or Official Letters | CBSE | Advanced Writing Skills.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

  • A letter is a form of written communication.

  • Letters are of two types - Formal and Informal.

Formal Letter Include

Business or Official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing / cancelling orders and sending replies).

Letter to the Editor (giving suggestions or opinion on issue of public interest).

Letter to concerned authorities regarding civic problems.

Application for Job.

Types of Letters included in Revised syllabus of Class 11 by CBSE in 2020-2021

  • Business or official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies)

  • Letter to the school or college authorities, regarding admissions, school issues, requirements / suitability of courses, etc.

Making Enquiries: This type of letters ask for information or supply of information. They include inviting quotations, rates, terms and conditions of supply of goods etc.

Complaints and Claims: This type of letters contains complaints of all types relating to goods, terms and conditions, payment, bad behaviour, wrong supply of goods. these letters demand a tactful handling since these involve legal matters.

Asking for and Giving information: In business letters of this nature certain information regarding orders, goods supplied or to be supplied etc is asked. These are formal business letters. such letters may be a part of the letters coming under Enquiries, placing orders, offering/accepting agencies etc.

Placing/Accepting orders and sending replies: In this type of letters orders for goods are placed or acknowledged. These are business letters in which precise information is given so that business transactions are conducted smoothly.


  • Letters based on verbal/visual input, to be answered in 120-150 words.

  • One out of the two given questions to be answered.

Weightage of Marks

  • Format: 1 M

  • Content: 2 M

  • Expression: 2 M

Points to Remember

• Start each new line from left hand margin.

Sequence of writing a letter

(i) Sender's address

(ii) Date

(iii) Receiver's address

(iv) Salutation : Sir / Madam

(v) Subject

(vi) content of the letter

vii) Closing the letter.

Para I - Introductory.

Para II and III - Main ideas

Para IV - Complementary close.

a) To the Principal : Yours obediently.

b) To the Employer/Editor. Yours sincerely.

c) To the dealer / business vendor : Yours truly.

• Coherence and organization of ideas

• Think and analyze the subject / topic

• Recall all the ideas and put them on a rough sheet while


• Organize the ideas.

Instructions for Writing Business Letters

a) Use a formal, precise and to-the-point, modest yet affirmative language.

b) Do not try to draw the sympathy of the other person when you are corresponding.

c) Avoid blaming or finding fault with others. It tends to spoil your impression.

d) Be reasonable, courteous, but firm with conviction.

e) Mention reference/invoice no. etc in your letter while making any correspondence with the dealer/company etc.

f) Mention a suitable subject to the body of the letter to facilitate prompt action.


(A) For Making Enquiry- Pattern

Sender’s address



The Director/Principal

(Name of the institution)


Subject : Seeking information about...............................


In response to your advertisement about the course in......................I hereby

seek the following information on pursuing the said course.

(I) Procedure for admission

(ii) Eligibility criteria

(iii) Fee structure

(iv) Placement opportunities

(v) Duration of the course

(vi) Whether hostel facility available

Sample 1 ( Asking information)

Rohit is interested in doing a short term course in Computer Programming. He decided to write a letter inquiring about the duration of the course, fee and other details. Draft a letter to APC Computers, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi.

DDA Flats


Safdarjung Enclave

New Delhi 29

Oct 27, 2020

The Director

APC Compters

Sarojini Nagar

New Delhi 11

Subject: Enrollment in Computer Programming Course


Kindly refer to your advertisement in the Times of India about Computer Programming Course. I am interested in pursuing a short-term course during the summer vacation. I presume this course would suit my needs. But before I decide, Please let me know the following details.

  1. Duration of course and fees

  2. When it actually starts

  3. Whether it is diploma or degree course

  4. Recognition or affiliation

  5. Timing and other relevant information

  6. Any postal correspondence facility

I request you to kindly forward this information at the earliest to enable me to decide about joining the course.

Awaiting your quick response,

Thanking You,



Sample 2 ( Asking Information)

You are Ravi. You saw an advertisement regarding a course for training and preparing students for the TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language. You wish to join this course. Write a letter to the Course Director of A to Z in English, 22, Gandhi Nagar, Chennai-20 inquiring about all the details that you require.

1245, Sahukar Pet

Channai Central Station


Oct 27, 2020

The Course Director

A to Z in English

22, Gandhi Nagar


Subject: Information about TOEFL

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to your advertisement regarding a course for training and preparing students for the TOEFL , Published in The Hindu , dated Sep 15, 2020.

I am very much interested to pursue the course from your esteemed institute. Prior to my taking admission to the course, I would like to know the following details, which I request you to kindly furnish at the earliest so that I can take admission quickly.

  1. Duration of the course

  2. Fee Charged

  3. Course content

  4. Timing for classes

  5. Availability of course contents.

I would request you to also let me know if the course is recognized by any educational organization or there is any affiliating authority for the same. .

Awaiting your early response,

Thanking You,



B) For Registering Complaints

Self Address




Subject : Complaint regarding newly purchased__________________


I may draw your kind attention towards the purchase of .................from your showroom vide case memo no.___________date_____________. It worked well for a few days/months but now it has started creating trouble.

(Explanation of problem/trouble)..................................................................

..........................................I am extremely disappointed as this was a costly purchase. I was to purchase it on your faithful advice. Since it is under the warranty period of two years, kindly send your engineers to examine and repair it or arrange for its immediate replacement.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Complaint about Defective Items

Sample 1

You are Neha / Naresh G-5, Sunder Apartment, Rohini. You bought a LED TV from Sargam Eletronics, Pitampura. Write a complaint letter for its non-functioning to the Sales Manager seeking immediate replacement or repair.

G-5, Sunder Apartment,


18 May, 2018

The Sales Manager

Sargam Electronics

Pitampura, Delhi

Subject : Complaint of Defective LED TV.


I had purchased an LED TV 32 inches of Sony Company last month. Its cash memo no is 1192 dated 15-4-2018. I have purchased it on your recommendation of it being the best brand under LED's. You assured me of its superior quality and functioning. Till 8 May its service was satisfactory.

Thereafter it started creating problems. The pictures start flickering on the screen, small lines appear and picture becomes hazy. Irritable noise comes from TV whenever we switch it on.

You have given two years warranty on this set. It is not possible to bear with it for a long time. I request you to either replace it immediately or send your mechanic for its repair as early as possible.

Yours truly,

Neha / Naresh

Sample 2

Rajnish Verma of 150, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi bought a Frost-free Godrej Regrigerator of 265 litres from Better Deal, C.R. Arora market, new Delhi. Having used it for about a month, he finds that the freezing section of the Refrigerator is not working at all. Write a letter to the Sales manager of the firm complaining about it and requesting for the piece to be replaced. The Refrigerator has been given two year warranty against any technical fault.

150, Vasant Kunj

New Delhi

Oct 28, 2020

M/s Better Deal

C.R. Arora Market,

New Delhi

Sub: Complaint about the Frost-free Refrigerator

Dear Sir,

I purchased a Frost-free Godrej Refrigerator of 300 litres from your shop , vide receipt no. 35021, dated October, 15, 2020. This refrigerator carries a two-year warranty against any technical defect.

I regret to state that the refrigerator started giving strange sound since yesterday. Moreover, its automatic freezing section has also stopped functioning. As a result, no ice is formed and no cooling takes place inside the Refrigerator.

The product is under 2 years warranty against any technical fault. You are therefore requested to replace the Refrigerator at your own cost under the terms and conditions of the sale.

Awaiting your quick action in this regard.

Thanking You,


Rajnish Verma.


As Manager of Nahid Akhtar & Sons, Tiruchi, place an order with M/S Hiram Electrical Company, whose quotation you have already received.

30, Central Market


Oct 24, 2020

Ref. No. NAS/29/9235-45/2356

The Manager

M/S Hiram Electrical Company


Sub: Order for Electrical fans

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your quotation No. HES/54/86-87/7432, dated Oct 15, 2020 for electric fans of Orient Make. we are very glad to place an order with you in response to the same for supply of the following items:

  1. Ceiling Fans 56" 15

  2. Ceiling Fans 48 " 10

  3. Ceiling Fans 36" 10

The fans mentioned above should have warranty period of three years. In the event of any defect being detected within the warranty period, you are liable to replace or repair at your own cost. Kindly make arrangement to deliver these fans at the earliest by courier service. As soon as the products reach us, we shall credit the total cost in your bank account.

Awaiting your early response,




Nahid Akhtar & Sons

Sample 3

Draft a suitable reply acknowledging the above order ( Replying for the order placed)

15, New Market


Oct 29, 2020

Ref. No. NAS/29/9235-45/2356

The Manager

M/s Nahid Akhtar & Sons

30, Central Market


Dear Sir,

We thank you for your letter No. NAS/29/9235-45/2356 dated, Oct 29, 2020 placing an order for various Orient Fans. We assure you that the order will be executed to your entire satisfaction.

The omission of mention of the customary guarantee in our earlier letter, dated Oct 15,2020 was merely an oversight , which is highly regretted. We hereby guarantee for a period of five years for all the fans ordered and delivered. If there develops any defect in these due to faulty material or in their manufacture, the fans would be replaced free of cost without any other expenses.

Kindly inform us in case you do not receive the consignment by Nov 2nd, 2020.

Assuring you of our prompt service,

Yours Faithfully,



Hiram Electrical Company


Sender’s address



The Sales Manager



Subject - Cancellation an order for supply of__________.


With reference to our previous orderNo..................dated...............regarding

supply of ___________may please be treated as cancelled since the same

has not been supplied by you till date. In reality you have dishonored the

terms and conditions resulting a loss to our company as we could not supply

the said material/articles further to our clients. Please treat our order

cancelled as we are arranging the supply from some other source.

Your sincerely



Sample Letter

As General manager, Grand Insurance Co. Ltd. 137, Goodwood Street, Playtown 3, Write to Platic Leaders , manufacturing of plastic wares, 33, Jinna road, Straytown 5 cancelling your order as the delivery date has expired.

137, Goodwood

Playtown 3

Ref No. FCI/95/3/5432

M/S Plastic Leaders

33, Jinna Road


Sub: Cancellation of order

Dear Sir,

Please refer to our order no FCI/95/3/5432, dated Oct 15, 2020 for supply of certain plastic goods manufactured by you.

We regret to inform you that the goods ordered by us have not reached us till date despite several reminders given to you. It is very surprising that there was no reply from your end about this matter.

As the due date for the receipt of goods as promised by you has expired two weeks back, our orders as mentioned above may be treated as cancelled.



General Manager

Grand Insurance company Ltd.


These letters give suggestions/create awareness on an issue of public interest or an issue already raised in an article / write up.

Points to Remember

• Draw the attention of the concerned authorities/general public towards the problem, NOT the Editor.

• Request the concerned authorities to take the action NOT to the editor. It is not a direct request.

• While dealing with social/civic problems provide suggestions to curb or control it in the end.

• Raise the issue by citing some latest news / items / Survey report / personal experience etc.

• Analyze the issue in terms of its causes and consequences.

• Conclusion to be positive, straightforward with pleasant tone and use of polite language.

Example : You are Rekha / Rakesh, a student of Bharti Public School Class XII. The students are required to cope up with a lot of stress in todays' competitive environment. Write a letter to the editor highlighting increasing stress faced by students and suggesting ways and means to combat it.

Bharti Public School,


6 July 2018

The Editor

The Times of India

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

New Delhi-110002

Sub. : Problem of Increasing Stress Faced by Students


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I would like to express my

views on the problem of increasing stress among the students due to highly

competitive environment.

Today's world is full of competition. Every now and then a child is assessed on

different parameters. Parents expect a lot from their children. They want their

children to excel in all the fields such as studies, sports and co-curricular

activities. Everyone wants their children to be a doctor or an engineer. The

result is that children are unduly stressed and burdened. All day long they are

indulged in completing their homework and studies and no time is left for

games and sports.

It is high time we should ponder upon this problem. Students should be

involved in games, sports and yoga to combat stress. Parents should not

pressurize their children for performing excellently in studies. Meditation can

be practised for keeping stress at bay.

Yours sincerely,

Rekha / Rakesh

Application for Job

Points to Remember

• Job application has two parts- (a) covering letter

(b) Resume/Biodata

• Start body of the letter giving source of information about the job

(newspaper) day, date, advertisement number etc.

• Share your interest and competence level.

• Close the letter giving note that Bio-data / resume is enclosed.

• Write 10-12 points in Bio-Data

• Bio-data / Resume, Curriculum Vitae is integral part of the job

application. Bio-data should include :


2. Father's Name

3. Date of Birth/Age

4. Address

5. Hobbies

6. Language Known

7. Nationality

8. Educational Qualifications:

(a) Years, Marks and Subjects of the candidate, Name of

University etc.

9. Professional Qualifications

10. Experience

11. Salary Expected

12. Reference - At least 2 references

Example : You are Sudha / Sudhir resident of A-7, Shanti Park. You read the following advertisements in a newspaper. Draft an application in response to the advertisement giving your detailed resume.


Wanted a young and experienced graduate with fluency in English and Hindi to work as receptionist at Customer Care booths of NCR Groups of Hotels, Delhi. Contact Manager along with your complete C.V. within 7 days of this advertisement.

A-7, Shanti Park


16 December, 2018

The Manager

NCR Group of Hotels


Subject : Application for the Post of Receptionist.

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement in the Hindustan times dated December, 2019 for the post of receptionist, I hereby offer my candidature for the same.

I possess requisite qualifications and experience. I want to join your hotels to fully utilize my potential.

You may call me for an interview on any date as per your convenience. I shall be able to join my duties at one month's notice if appointed. I am enclosing my detailed resume for your perusal.

Mr. Ashok Kumar


AB Public School, Delhi

Resume / Bio Data

Name : Sudha / Sudhir

Father's Name : Mr. Subhas

Age : 25 Years

Address : A-7, Shanti Park, Delhi

Hobbies : Music, Net Surfing, Photography, Sports.

Languages Known : Hindi, English

Nationality : Indian

Educational Qualifications :

  • Passed Secondary Exam. from CBSE with 8.5 CGPA

  • Passed Senior Secondary Exam. from CBSE with distinction

  • Passed Graduation from Delhi University with first division.

Professional Qualification : Diploma in Computers from Aptech with first


Experience : Worked as receptionist with ABC group of companies for 2


Expected Salary : Negotiable

References :

1. Dr. Mohit Aggarwal

(Surgeon), GTB Hospital, Delhi

2. Mr. Ashok Kumar


AB Public School, Delhi


1. Communication Skills-A Practical Approach by Hema Srinivasan ( Frank Bros & CO. )

2. English Core, Class XI , Support Material issued by DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION Govt. of NCT, Delhi.

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