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Types of Sentences | CBSE/ ICSE Grammar

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

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There are four types of sentences They are

  • Declarative Sentence

  • Interrogative Sentence

  • Imperative Sentence

  • Exclamatory sentence.

First let us learn what a declarative sentence is all about and how many types of declarative sentences are there.

Declarative Sentence: Sentences that declare or announce something are called declarative sentences.

For example, I like ice-cream/I do not play chess.

1. Declarative sentences are of two types.

  • Affirmative Sentences

  • Negative Sentences.

Affirmative Sentence: Affirmative sentences are those sentences which express positive meaning.

For example, I love to eat sweets.

Negative sentences: Negative Sentences are those sentences, which express negative meaning. For example,

  • I do not love sweets.

2. Interrogative sentences: Interrogative Sentences are those sentences which ask something. For example,

  • Do you play cricket?

  • What is your name?

Interrogative sentences are of two types.

  • Wh-Question

  • Yes/No Question.

Wh-Questions. Questions that are asked with WH-words like what , when, where , whom , who , whose , which, how etc are called Wh-Questions.

For example, Where is the ball? /When do you play?

Yes/No Question: Questions that are asked with the help of helping verbs and the answers of which are either YES or NO, are called YES-NO type of questions.

Examples of YES-NO types of questions are

  • Have you taken food?

  • Do you play cricket?

Helping Verbs are those verbs which help the action verbs to make tense, mode etc. Examples of helping verbs are

am, is are, was, were, have, has, had, do , does, did, done, shall, should, will, would etc…

3. Imperative sentences: Imperative Sentences are those sentences that requests, orders or advises for something. For Example,

  • Please sing a song. ( Expressing request)

  • Shut the door. ( Expressing order or command)

  • He should not waste his time. ( expressing advice)

Now let us move on to the exclamatory type of sentences.

4. Exclamatory sentences: Exclamatory sentences are those sentences that express joy, sorrow, surprise , anger and other types of strong feelings. For example,

  • Hurrah! We one the match. (It shows joy)

  • Oh! We lost the match. ( It expresses sorrow)

  • What a great idea it is! ( It shows surprise)


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Lavanya Borkute
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