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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Reading Skill Worksheet 5

Solve the following worksheet and check your answer from the answer key given at the end.

Q1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by writing the options that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet.

After retiring as the director of a multinational company, he had found the greatest pleasure of life in reading books on India’s culture, literature, and on India’s vast wealth of trees and plants. He could talk endlessly on the applications of each and every part of the neem tree in Indian medicine. The seed oil and soap made from it can be used very effectively in every skin disease like ulcers, ringworms, and in rheumatism. The bark is used as tincture. People say it is beneficial in malaria as well. Grandpa always used the fresh tender twigs to clean his teeth and the children of the house learnt to do so Grandma and mother always kept dried neem leaves in books, paper and clothes to protect them. ‘Neem begun’ or leaves of neem fried with pieces of brinjal, was a favourite dish of the whole family, which was eaten as a prevention for pox. In his childhood, once grandpa had had smallpox and his mother would comfort his burning skin with neem leaves.

(a) For which purpose can the seed oil of neem be used ?

(i) teeth

(ii) to grow brinjal

(iii) skin diseases like ulcers, ringworms and rheumatism

(iv) for burning skin

(b) Which disease is cured by its bark ?

(i) smallpox

(ii) tincture

(iii) rheumatism

(iv) malaria

(c) Why were neem leaves kept in books, paper and clothes ?

(i) to protect them

(ii) to colour them

(iii) to smell them

(iv) as a part of culture

(d) Which disease had grandpa got in his childhood ?

(i) burning skin

(ii) smallpox

(iii) ulcer

(iv) ringworms

(e) Which word in the passage means the same as to `stop something happening’ ?

(i) applications

(ii) tincture

(iii) prevention

(iv) favourite

Q2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by writing the options that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet

Metro Rail is undoubtedly a blessing for Delhites. It has given them freedom from many discomforts of travelling on the road. It has offered a clean and comfortable alternative at affordable prices. Metro is a giant step in giving Delhi the look of a modern city. The Metro Stations are clean, the service punctual and dependable. People have learned to use escalators, to walk in a line. Compare a journey by metro to one by a bus, a three wheeler or a car. In Metro, you are spared the interminable delays at traffic lights, the impolite blowing of horns and above all the nauseating fumes from other vehicles. Even if you have to stand and travel in Metro there is no pushing or jostling. If you are a senior citizen, invariably you are offered a seat by a middle aged person. In any case, the air conditioning saves you from the sweltering, exhausting heat on the roads. It is upto Delhites to keep this beautiful service clean and comfortable. They should be as proud of their Metro as Kolkatans are of theirs.

(a) What has Metro Rail given to Delhites ?

(i) traffic lights

(ii) freedom from discomforts of road travelling

(iii) nauseating fumes

(iv) jostling

(b) Who has given Delhi the look of a modern city ?

(i) metro

(ii) buses

(iii) air-conditions in the Metro Rail

(iv) escalators

(c) How do people treat senior citizens in a Metro ?

(i) do not leave seat for them

(ii) make them keep standing

(iii) offer them a seat

(iv) make them walk in a line

(d) Who are expected to keep this Metro Rail Clean and comfortable ?

(i) Employees

(ii) Metromen

(iii) Kolkatans

(iv) Delhiites

(e) Which word in the passage means the same as `free from doubts or confusion’?

(i) alternative

(ii) undoubtedly

(iii) exhausting

(iv) comfortable

Q3. Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow:

A Tiger Poem
English With a Difference

Q4. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

The sound of roaring laughter is more contagious than a cough, a cold or any other infectious disease. It binds people together and increases happiness. Research has shown that, in addition to bringing joy and amusement, laughter triggers healthy physical changes in the body. It exercises the heart, the lungs and the abdominal muscles. It strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, diminishes pain and protects one from the bad effects of stress. It is a medicine that comes free, is enjoyable and is easy to use. The healing powers of laughter became known by the fourteenth century. But more specific research on the benefits of laughter began only in the twentieth century. Norman cousins wrote in a medical journal about how he was diagnosed with a severe spine problem. The doctor told him that there were no chances of recovery and he would live only for a few months. He left hospital and checked into a hotel. He took large doses of vitamin C and watched humorous films. He found that ten minutes of hearty laughter gave him at least two hours of pain-free sleep.

(a) What does laughter bind ?

(b) Which parts of the body are being benefited by laughter ?

(c) Who was diagnosed with severe spine problem ?

(d) What did Norman Cousins do to get pain free sleep ?

(e) Which word in the passage means the same as `spreading by contact’?

  • The answer key is password protected.

  • You need to text me on chat box on this website after you complete the worksheet. I shall text you the answer key on chat box.

  • AVN students can also contact your English teacher for answer key after you solve the worksheet.

Reading Worksheet 5 Answer key
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