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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Class X Pre-Board I & II Answer Key

Pre-Board I

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Reading Section

i. Humanity’s evolution from primitive stage to the present has been extensive and varied.

ii. The needs of man during the hunting and fishing stage were basic and they were adequately met by Nature.

iii, The pastoral stage was marked by some amount of economic activity which was more than the previous stage.

iv. Class System began to develop when agriculture started

v. The consequences of the Feudal system marked economic changes which also marked the beginning of the labour problem in the world.

vi. …… After an hour long inquiry of the suspected men the truth emerged that he was innocent.


i. The zone meant for the protection of the environment is called buffer zone.

ii. The most important reason behind the massively reduced forest area is the alarming rise in human population.

iii. The encroachment into the homes of wildlife by humans has compounded the human-animal conflict.

iv. Over 1,000 tigers have been killed in the country by poachers and over 650 on road in the last five years.

v. One had to visit a national park or sanctuary to sight the beautiful Nilgai in the past but now a days one may go round to any agricultural field and may find plenty of animals like the Nilgai roaming in the grounds freely.

vi. According to the data provided the numbers of deaths due to humananimal conflict have increased alarmingly this situation is worrying because we need to safeguard human lives and livelihoods.


Qno. 6

How important is peace of mind according to Gautam Buddha? How can it be achieved? According to Buddha, grief and sorrow increase pain, peace of mind can be achieved if one understands the functioning of nature and not grieve at something which is bound to happen.

Why does the poet like Animals?

The poet desires to live among animals as they are calm and self sufficient. They do not whine and weep about their conditions. They express love towards human beings

What does the line ‘never let down my bright hair’ tell us about Amanda?

Amanda will not let her hair down because she wants to be all by herself. If she lets her hair down, anyone can climb up . She does not want this to happen

What impresses you most about Custard the Dragon?

Custard the Dragon never boasted about any of his qualities. He was laughed at and mocked but remained patient. He was the bravest of all and faced the pirate with courage . He swallowed him up.

According to Chubukov, what happened as a result of the dispute over the meadows? Who did he think the meadows belonged to?

Chubukov thinks that a golden opportunity of the marriage has been lost. He feels upset due to the dispute .He thought that the land belonged to him.

What efforts did Matilda and her husband make to find the lost necklace?

They looked in the folds of her dress, in the folds of her cloak. Looked in her pockets Searched the whole route Went to the police and newspaper man Went to various cab companies

Which places did the narrator and the hack driver drive around to find Lutkins?

They went to all the places where Lutkins could be found They went to Fritz’s shop Gustaff’s shop Gray’s shop The pool room Lutkins mother’s farmhouse

Q7. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each.

Q7. (i)

Both Valli and Rajvir are passionate about travelling to different places. Why do they like travelling? How are their travel plans similar to each other?

Rajvir loved to travel and so did Valli. They both enjoyed looking at the scenery outside and were marvelled to see new things as they went ahead in their journey. They felt engrossed in natures beauty enjoyed the greenery. Travelling to places is rejuvenating . It breaks monotony of life and amuses. It also increases our knowledge of the outside world Both Valli and Rajvir are full of curiosity. They like to learn from their surroundings.

(ii) Bholi is “a harmless dumb cow “ people feel so but her teacher does not agree and plays a big role in giving her life a turning point. Develop a conversation between the two, based on your understanding of the story ' Bholi'.


Teacher – Bholi please feel comfortable in my class. You are dressed in neat clothes and look so bright.

Bholi – Maa’m I feel nervous all the time

Teacher – You ………. You look so neat and disciplined Bholi. You have the urge to learn . I appreciate your spirit to learn . Come on , Don’t be hesitant.

Bholi – But maam the ooooother childrrr…en make fun

Teacher – Do not take it to heart , be friendly to them and do well in your studies, they will be fine in a few days. Concentrate on your books . If you perform well in your studies , they will be eager to talk to you and make friends with you .

Bholi – Yes maam . I will try . ( many answers possible as per the creativity of the student)

(iii) 'Madam rides a bus” is a memorable and unforgettable journey of a little girl with comic details and element of humour. Discuss


  • Several sights and sounds contribute to the comic element in the story Madam rides a bus Honking of the car horn

  • the speed of the bus

  • and the thrill in the air

  • The frightened cow running on the road .

  • Valli clapping, laughing and enjoying standing on the seat

  • The conductor calling her madam

  • All these evoke humour in the story

Pre-board II

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Reading Section

i. Power foods should be prepared properly using season-fresh foods and identifying one’s choice of flavour among power foods.

ii. Though she was the newest writer, the hardworking woman’s diligent efforts could not be matched by any of her coworkers.

iii. Onion and garlic help in the absorption of iron and zinc from the chickpeas.

iv. Yoghurt is full of proteins that help preserve muscle mass and bananas are packed with carbohydrates that help in refuelling energy and preventing muscle soreness.

v. Combining green tea with lemon juice helps the body to absorb catechins more easily.

vi. Power foods can be included in our daily diet to increase muscle development.


i. Ice formation continues for 3-4 months.

ii. Due to creation of artificial glaciers, farmers have been able to manage two crops instead of one.

iii. Ladakh is a cold desert as it has a low average annual rainfall rate of 50 mm situated at an altitude of 3,000-3,500 metres above sea level.

iv. The increasing effects of climate change, rainfall and snowfall patterns had resulted in severe shortage and drought situations.

v. June and July.

vi. It is diverted to a shaded area of the hill, facing north so that the winter sun is blocked by a ridge or a mountain range and ice formation can take place.

Note: Pleasel write your answers from reading section in the exam like the answers given above-short and concise.

Q6 Answer ANY SIX questions in 30-40 words each.

(1 mark for content) (1 mark for expression)

i. It is not complaining but accepting a situation, that is the key to happiness. Justify in context of the poem ‘Animals’.

  • Man should learn a lesson from animals who are innocent, self contained, satisfied, peaceful and happy.

ii. What made Kisa Gotami compare a man’s life with the lights of the city?

  • She found man’s life similar to the lights of the city as both flickered, illuminated the world for some time and then got extinguished. It made her aware of the truth of life.

iii. Comment on the poetic aspect of the poem ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ .

  • Light-hearted story, written in ballad style.

  • written in four lined stanza format with the rhyming scheme of aabb

  • poem offers many similes

  • the words are simple

iv. Why does Amanda imagine to be a mermaid, an orphan and Rapunzel?

  • Amanda yearns for freedom and her right to be free

  • She wishes to go away from all the nagging into an imaginary world

v. ‘It was all over for her’. What does ‘It’ refers to here with reference to the story ‘The Necklace’. How had it all ended for her?

  • ’It’ refers to Matilda’s success,fame,being rich and the fulfillment of her dreams

  • It all ended for her with the end of the ball party as she would not get another chance to show that they were rich.

vi. Would you call ‘The Proposal’ a comical play? Give two instances from it to support your answer.

  • Yes, it’s a cominal play.

  • Lomov’s unstable physical condition makes him appear comical

  • Their fighting over petty issues, Natalya’s hysteria and desperation to get married.

vii. The lawyer had education, but lacked experience of life. Comment in context of the story ‘The Hack Driver’

  • The lawyer was taken for a ride by a simple villager, Oliver Lutkins because he lacked experience

  • He learnt the lesson of life the hard way despite being an educated lawyer

Q7. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each.

Mark Distribution: Content : 2 Marks & Expression 2 Marks

(i) Valli succeeded in her plan of taking a bus-ride with proper planning and sacrifice. On the other hand, Bholi, a physically challenged girl, developed the courage and confidence to challenge the evil system of dowry. Bring out the similarities and contrast in both the characters.


  • Valli was bold, brave and self-respecting. Bholi developed the courage and confidence to challenge the evil system of dowry.

  • Valli and Bholi both innocent, highly sensitive.

  • Valli, jut 8 years old, behaved like a ‘madam’ whereas Bholi had low self esteem as a child.

  • Valli was a smart girl who planned the bus journey whereas Bholi was like a ‘dumb cow’ because of her head injury.

(ii) Parents play a crucial role in the upbringing of their children. Justify how Ebright’s mother played a pivotal role in enabling him to become a successful scientist.

  • Ebright’s mother always encouraged and supported him. She was his first teacher.

  • She was his only childhood friend and companion

  • She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras etc. that helped him in his research on butterflies

  • She gifted him Dr Urquhart’s book, “The Travels of Monarch X”. It opened the world of science to the young collector

(iii) ‘During our childhood in Goa, the baker used to be our friend, companion and guide’. What does this statement tell you about the character of the narrator? Which character traits of the narrator would you like to be developed in yourself?

  • Narrator has a special place in his heart for the baker.

  • He remembers all the details very vividly.

  • He was friendly with the baker as all children ran to meet the baker on hearing the jingling thud of his bamboo.

  • Narrator is very expressive about his affection for the baker.

  • Narrator’s friendly traits are worth developing.

Reference: Directorate of Education, GNCT of Delhi



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