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CBSE Competency Based Questions:
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Literature Worksheet 1 | Class X

Updated: May 7, 2021

Solve the following questions within the prescribed word limit.

Q1. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow .

They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly. He dropped his legs to stand on the green sea. His legs sank into it. He screamed with fright and attempted to rise again flapping his wings. But he was tired and weak with hunger and he could not rise, exhausted by the strange exercise. His feet sank into the green sea, and then his belly touched it and he sank no farther. He was floating on it, and around him his family was screaming, praising him and their beaks were offering him scraps of dog – fish. He had made his first fight.

(i) Name the lesson from which this extract has been taken.

(ii) What was the ‘green flooring’ on which his brothers and sister had landed?

(iii) What was the young seagull’s first experience of the sea ?

(iv) Which word in the passage means the same as ‘summoning or luring by silent signal ?

Q2. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :

My father, the most adorable father I ‘ve ever seen , didn’t marry my mother until he was thirty six and she was twenty –five. My sister Margot was born in Frankfurt in Germany in 1926. I was born on 12th June 1929. I lived in Frankfurt until I was four. My father emigrated to Holland in 1933. My mother , Edith Hollander Frank, went with him to Holland in September, while Margot and I were sent to Aachen to stay with our grandmother.

(i) Who is the narrator ?

(ii) Why were the narrator and her sister sent to Aachen ?

(iii) When was the narrator born ?

(iv) Find the word from the passage which means ‘ to leave one’s own country to live in another country’

Q3. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate options from those given .

He should be lurking in shadow, Sliding through long grass Near the water hole Where plump deer pass

(a) The tiger is moving through

(i) the circus (ii) the cage/zoo (iii) the jungle (iv) the long grass

(b) The tiger lies in wait near the water hole –

(i) waiting for deer

(ii) to drink water

(iii) to catch fishes

(iv) all of the above

(c) The word plump shows that deer referred to are –

(i) weak

(ii) strong

(iii) fat

(iv) all of the above

Q4. What is the boy now , who has lost his ball, What , what is he to do ? I saw it go Merrily bouncing, down the street , and then Merrily over – there it is in the water !

(a) The boy has lost –

(i) the ball which he was playing with

(ii) the glass of water

(iii) his school bag

(iv) all of the above

(b) It fell down

(i) into the water

(ii) into the well

(iii) into the drainage

(iv) none of the above

(c) At the loss of his ball the boy felt –

(i) happy and gay

(ii) adventurous

(iii) grieved and helpless

(iv) none of these

Q5. Don’t bite your nails, Amanda ! Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda ! Stop that slouching and sit up straight, Amanda !

(a) The speaker wants Amanda

(i) to learn bad manners

(ii) to enjoy

(iii) to learn good habits

(iv) all of the above

(b) The speaker is –

(i) Amanda’s teacher

(ii) Amanda’s father

(iii) Amanda’s Tennis coach

(iv) Amanda’s mother

(c) The word from the passage which means the same as ‘erect’ is –

(i) fast

(ii) straight

(iii) hunch

(iv) slouching

Q6. Answer any three of the following questions in 40-50 word each.

(a) What did Lencho write to God in his first letter ?

(b) Why did Mandela join African National Congress ? What did he gain ? What did he lose ?

(c) Why was the young seagull alone on his ledge ?

(d) ‘Paper has more patience than people ‘. Elucidate.

Q7. Answer the following question in about 80 words.

(a) Was Anne an intelligent girl ? Support your answer giving instances.


(b) Did they get a reply ? who was more anxious for a reply, Peggy or Maddie ?

How do you know ?

(c) Answer the following question in about 80 words. Do you think there are parents like Mrs. Pumphrey? What kind of parent is she ?


(d) Write a character sketch of Anil.

Q8. Answer any two of the following questions in 40-50 words each :

(a) How did Max enter Ausable’s room ? Could he enter through the window ?

(b) Why did Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric ?

Answer Key

Answer Key to Literature Worksheet I
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