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How to Write a Complaint Letter | English

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Complaint Letter is usually written in the following Cases:

  • Incomplete or defective Order

  • Excess delay in dispatch of the consignment

  • Consignment not received in good condition

  • Wrong consignment delivered.

Sample of a Complaint Letter

Letters for Practice

1. You had placed an online order for a pair of blue denim jeans with M/S David Jeans Co., Plot no-1134, Midc industrial park, Bandra, Mumbai but have neither received the jeans nor any acknowledgment of the order. Write a letter of complaint to the Customer Care Manager of the

company complaining about the non delivery of the jeans. Seek a refund of the money paid if the company is unable to deliver the order in 5 working days. Give necessary details of the order (colour, style and size of jeans, item code number, price and proof of the credit card

payment you made for it).

2. You are Ms, Sheela Jain HOD English Cambridge School, Pune. You had placed an order with National Electronics, Dadar Mumbai, for recording equipment for the English lab. When the parcel was received, you observed that only six recorders were sent instead of 10 and three of them did not work. Write a letter of complaint.

3. You are Deepika of Dwarka Delhi. You have bought Samsung Washing Machine from M.S. Electronics India, Lake area Dwarka. After installation it worked well for 2 months but suddenly the spin dry system of the machine stopped working properly. Write a letter to Electronics India giving them the guarantee card number and other details regarding your complaint, asking them to attend to it/replace it.

4. Due to poor maintenance of the existing system of water supply the common people of your city have been hit hard. Write a letter to the Municipal commissioner of your city for a permanent solution to this problem. You are Ashutosh/Ashima resident of 7/23 Kunal

Apartments Delhi.

5. Rahul of Bareilly has purchased a Frost free Godrej refrigerator of 265 litres from Lifestyle. Civil Lines, Bareilly after month of purchase the freezing section of the refrigerator has stopped functioning. Write a letter to the sales manager of the firm complaining about it and requesting for the piece to be replaced since there is a two year warranty.

6. The other day you went to the district courts in your city to get a residence certificate made but the staff of the Suvidha centre handling the work not only misbehaved, with you but also refused to accept your application while those of others were being entertained. Now write a letter to the Sub Divisional Magistrate of the Ares, complaining against the staff of the Suvidha Centre for deficient service.

Reference: DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION, Govt. of NCT, Delhi

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