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How to Enhance your Language Skills?

Updated: May 4, 2020

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It's very pertinent for each one of us to have sound vocabulary base in order to understand and carry out oral & written communication with others effortlessly. But the problem is when it comes to communication, we fail to put our message across owing to deficit in word power and in sentence making skill. Therefore, we need to harness the skill in a slow and steady manner so that over a certain period of time we end up being comfortable in using the English language. You can try the following practices in order to pull up your socks in so far as written and oral communication is concerned.

1. Read one or two English Article from Newspapers: Read one or two articles from an Edit page or Opinion Page of any newspaper and write down the value points on a notepad so that you can have an idea what the article is all about. Summarize what you have learnt from the article first in writing and then in the form of presentation to a listener. This practice on a regular basis will certainly help you in enhancing your written and Oral communication.

2. Learn Words in Context: While reading a newspaper, magazine or any book, mark the unfamiliar words with the help of a pencil. It's better to carry a pencil while reading . Mark the entire sentence in which the unfamiliar word has appeared. Proceed with your reading. After you end up your reading session on that day, take the trouble of taking down those sentences that you have marked on the book. The point is that if you learn any new word in context, you shall remember the usage of it. Words learnt in isolation cannot be retained for a long time.

3. Listen to podcasts/Radio Broadcasts: When it comes to enhancing your listening skill, intonation and diction, it is also suggested that you should listen to English, preferably with earphones. Listening has the least distraction elements vis-a-vis Watching TV. Therefore, it is also imperative to listen to podcast and radio news telecast in English so that you can pick up the flow of the language.

4. Keep a Journal : Keeping a journal is recommended as this practice enhances the writing skill of a person. You can write down a page or two on an everyday basis. This practice will help you be fluent in writing. Once you become fluent in writing , you can also be relatively comfortable in speaking effortlessly as the flow of words would be spontaneous. Blogging is also a very good idea nowadays. In course of time you can earn money as well by being a blogger. Therefore, develop the habit of writing on a regular basis.

5. To Make it you have to Fake it : Go for a dummy interaction with the self with your mirror image being your listener. Simply stand before the mirror and start speaking the topic which you recently read from a book , newspaper or a magazine. Give your opinion about the article on a regular basis. Remember in order to make a dummy presentation, you need to have adequate preparation in the form of prior reading and writing on a journal, blog etc. Otherwise, your dummy presentation will be incoherent and irrelevant. Organizing your thoughts in a coherent and fluent manner in important to become an effective communicator. Reading and Writing facilitates such skills. Therefore, your dummy presentation should be accompanied with a plenty of reading and writing exercise.



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