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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12



Let us first study the kinds of prepositions


1. Normally prepositions precede Nouns or Pronouns.

  • It is a book about birds.

  • I am glad about her success.

2. When the object is an interrogative pronoun or a relative pronoun the preposition is placed at the end.

  • What did you shout at him for?

  • Where do you come from?

  • I have nothing to talk about.

3. Before the direct object:

  • The beggar begs him( Indirect Object) for money ( Direct Object)

Uses of Some important Prepositions.

Study the following Table for Appropriate prepositions




Choose the correct prepositions from the given options.

1. The boy jumped __________________ the well.

a) Into b) in c) by d) upon

2. You have to finish the task ____________ two days

a) In b) from c) to d) into

3. He has to complete the task ______________ this month.

a) By b) at c) to d) within

4. Please distribute these mangoes ______ Anil and Sunil.

a) Between b) to c) within d) among

5. Please sit __________ the desk and do the job.

a) On b) at c) beside d) by

6. Mr. Kumar gave him some suggestions __________ helping him with some money.

a) besides b) beside c) to d) for

7. He will have completed the task ________ the end of the next month.

a) At b) by d) to d) since

8. Raju has been living in America ________ March last.

a) For b) from c) since d) on

9. I have to reach there ________ 9 pm.

a) Before b) from c) for d) at

10. They have been living in Delhi ________ eight years.

a) From b) for c) by d) in

11. Children are fond _______ cycling.

a) Of b) in c) about d) for

12. She is very negligent __________ her duties.

a) to b) of c) in d) about

13. Can you part _______ your watch?

a) From b) with c) for d) in

14. When you parted ______ your mother there were tears in her eyes.

a) from b) with c) by d) for

15. People should get their salary commensurate _____ their work.

a) To b) with c) by d) of

16. There is no exception ______ this rule.

a) for b) from c) to d) under

17. The upper court acquitted him ______ the charge of murder.

a) From b) of c) for d) to

18. She is entirely absorbed _______ her work.

a) In b) out c) from d) by

19. The tiger sprang _______ the deer.

a) Upon b) on c) by d) for

20. The car rammed ______ the small shop.

a) Over b) by c) into d) for

21. The kind Headmaster complied ________ my son’s request.

a) With b) for c) on d) at

22. The old temples are being worn _____ by heat and rain.

a) For b) to c) against d) out

23. You should not keep yourself away ______ your duty.

a) For b) with c) from d) in.

24. My son has been promoted _______ the next class.

a) to b) for c) into d) in

25. Good people always adhere _____ their own principles.

a) to b) over c) from d) at.

26. You are not eligible ______ admission here.

a) To b) under c) from d) for

27. How can you jump _____ this conclusion?

a) For b) to c) into d) at.

28. The plot of land will be disposed _____ by the owner.

a) Of b) to c) from d) in

29. Don’t interfere _____ other’s business.

a) In b) with c) about d) from

30. Cigarette smoking is injurious _____ health.

a) For b) to c) from d) by

31. What is the time______ your watch?

a) By b) at c) in d) from

32. The house has no balcony ____ the back.

a) At b) in c) for d) to

33. The doctor enquired ______ him about his health.

a) Of b) with c) from d) for

34. Reading good books is conducive _____ our mind.

a) Of b) to c) on d) for

35. I shall abide _____ the decision of the management.

a) To b) with c) by d) upon.

36. He gained advantage _____ me in the game

a) Upon b) against c) with d) over.

37. I prefer tea _____ coffee.

a) From b) with c) over d) to

38. Your remark is not relevant ______ the point.

a) to b) with c) for d) upon

39. He was looking _____ a good job.

a) For b) into c) at d) to

40. I always look _____ him for all kinds of help

a) After b) to c) upon d) over

41. Do not put _____ the work for tomorrow.

a) On b) about c) off d) out

42. He takes _____ his father in many respects. a) off b) to c) after d) upon

43. He turned ______ my proposal.

a) down b) out c) after d) to

44. I cannot bear _____ such humiliation.

a) After b) with c) to d) in

45. Please call ____ a doctor; the patient is seriously ill.

a) After b) on c) in d) for

46. They handed ____ the thief to the police.

a) Over b) on c) out d) in

47. He came here ______ the evening of 13th April.

a) In b) on c) at d) into

48. Mohan stood ______ me in the hall.

a) Beside b) after c) besides d) from

49. The office is situated _____ the road.

a) on b) of c) off d) into

50. I told him to copy the letter word _____ word.

a) For b) by c) to d) from.




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