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CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
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Formal & Informal Letter | Worksheet

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Write down the following Formal & Informal letters based on the criteria and value points in addition to your own ideas.

Q1. You are the secretary of PTA , ABC Sr. Sec. School Chennai . You have noticed that there are no proper facilities of drinking water, toilets, transport , library etc in the school while the school management charges a huge amount in the name of providing these facilities. write a letter to the Director of Education , Chennai drawing his/her attention to this problem and requesting for remedial action. ( 120-150 words )

Objectives :

To use an appropriate style to write a formal / informal letter.

Marking : 8 marks

Content : 4 marks

Fluency : 3 marks

Accuracy : 1 mark

Under the content credit should be given for the candidate's creativity in presenting ideas. However , some of the following points may be included.

Value Points :

  • Miserable condition of the students in the school due to lack of the basic amenities

  • No drinking water , toilets – full of foul smell

  • Unhygienic condition

  • Charged a huge amount on the name of basic amenities

  • Need to take immediate action against the school authorities

  • Provide the facilities in the school.

Q2. In an opening ceremony of a school , you got an opportunity to meet the film actress, Kareena Kapoor. During the meeting , you felt that the actress was not only a good human being but also a good social worker. Write a letter to your father informing him about the ceremony and your impression of the actress. You are Shreya/ Shrestha , student of class X , Govt. Sarvodaya school Seemapuri. ( 120- 150 words)

Objective : To use an appropriate style to write an formal / informal letter.

Marking : 8 marks

  • Content : 4 marks

  • Fluency : 3 marks

  • Accuracy : 1 mark

Under the content credit should be given for the candidate's creativity in presenting ideas. However , some of the following points may be included.

Value Points –

  • opportunity to meet with the film actress Kareena Kapoor

  • a good human beings and a good social worker

  • Pleasant moments with actor

  • Talked softly about herself

  • Way of talking – amazing

Q3. Your brother in very fond of playing indoor games and avoids playing outdoor games. As a result he has gained a lot of weight. Write a letter telling him about the usefulness of playing outdoor games in 120-150 words.

Total Marks 8

  • Content 4 marks;

  • Expression : 4 marks.

Value Points

  • Importance of games

  • Physical fitness

  • Team spirit

  • Co operation

  • Will to compete

Q4. You are Anika of 56 B, sector 6, Rohini, Delhi OR Write a letter to the Editor of the Hindustan Times expressing your views in 120 – 150 words on „corruption‟. You are Seema / Sanjay of preet Vihar, Delhi.

Total Marks 8

  • Content 4 marks;

  • Expression : 4 marks.

Value Points:


  • No department spared

  • Damages a lot of money

  • Delay in a accomplishing tasks

  • Impediment in progress

Q5. You are Aman/Anita living at B-35 Pitam Pura, Delhi. You got an opportunity to participate in the reality show ''Nanhe Ustaad‟ hosted by your favourite film star. Write a letter to your friend desecrating the few moments spent there in the company of budding artists from all over Delhi (120-150 words).

Value Points:

  • participated as audience

  • fantastic arrangements

  • wonderful stage decoration

  • hundreds of young artists

  • memorable event

Q6. You are Aman/ Anita living at B-35, Pitam Pura, Delhi. Near your Locality there is a pub in which all kinds of criminals like carjackers, auto lifters, gangsters and goons gather to rejoice up to late nights and early mornings. They make a lot of noise and indulge in fights. All this has made your locality unsafe for one and all. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper drawing the attention of the police towards this problem (120-150 words).

Value Points:

  • Pub - a center of nuisance

  • a center for criminal activities

  • gangsters make a lot of noise

  • fights - common

  • inconvenience to the residents

Q7. You are Manas / Mansi. Write a letter to the editor, giving your views about the unhealthy eating habits which lead to obesity (120 words). 6 Marks

Value points:

  • Unhealthy eating habits

  • Watching TV and eating even when not hungry

  • Busy schedule

  • Frequent eating out

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Lack of physical activity


  • Content – 3,

  • fluency – 1.5,

  • accuracy – 1.5

  • Up to one mark may be deducted for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Q8. You read the following newspaper item and then decide to write a letter to the editor of a national daily, expressing your views on increasing incidents of chain snatching and how it can be dealt with.

​TOI DELHI, Despite the city police claiming reduction in incidents of chain snatching this year, two incidents of chain snatching were reported in the last three days in the city. Unidentified persons riding on motor bikes targeted two women in different areas.

Value points:

• Threat to common man

• Elderly people helpless and unsafe

• No action • Snatchers motivated

• Strict rules • CCTV cameras

Q9. Write a letter to the editor, The Hindu‘, New Delhi about rash and reckless driving by the people in your city, suggesting preventive measures. You are Anil/Anita of 217 Munirka Vihar, New Delhi – 67.


(i) speeding vehicles – jumping traffic signals – accidents – fatal to life

(ii) Encroachment by hawkers on the road

(iii) Narrow streets

(iv) Stray dogs and cows – a common sight

(v) Irresponsible behaviour of the traffic policeman Suggestions – strict rules to be followed – defaulters to be fined – even imprisonment – adequate number of traffic police personnel to be put on duty

Q10. 'I am hiding because I don't want to go to work today, but they will come and drag me. Look, here they come!‟ This is 9 year old Pyaari, a child labourer who wants to play, not work. This documentary film titled „Childhood Now‟ touched you. Write a letter in about 120 words to the editor of 'The Chronicle' on how children are forced to work under inhuman conditions. Suggest some methods to eradicate this practice.

Q11. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily , expressing your concern over the increasing illegal mining in the Aravali Region resulting in irrepairable damage to our environment and green belts. You can take help of the information given below and write this letter in about 120 words :

Hints: Illegal mining – Aravali Range – rampant corruption – mining without valid permit – patronage – curbing of illegal mining needed – vigilance – operation with people – severe punishment to illegal miners – protection of law of land.

Q12. You are Subramaniam/ Surbhi. Your school arranged a trekking expedition to Manali. You were an enthusiastic member of the team/ group. Write a letter to your friend Amar / Anjali describing your experience during the tour. You can take help from the hints given below.

Hints : Trekking expedition to Manali – 20 students, two escorts – Kala Pahar – 20 km. Trekking – climbing height of 4000 ft. – rafting in river – scenic – beauty – wonderful experience.

Q13. Nowadays you find that more and more people carry mobile phones to their work place. However, the use of mobile phones can be dangerous at times. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the topic `To use latest technology the right way, is in the hands of the youth of today’ in about 120 words discouraging the misuse of technological products like cell phones and highlighting the need to use them intelligently . Take ideas from the information given below.


• While driving

• Inside an aircraft

• When in an ICU

• When near a heart patient

• At a petrol station – it is enough to ignite the flammable vapours present in the air

Q14. Despite the warning against global warming and health hazards, air and noise pollution due to extensive use of crackers during festivals continues to be a matter of concern. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily expressing your views regarding this problem. Also give suggestions on how festivals like Diwali can be celebrated with minimum noise and air pollution.

Value points : (suggestive only)

  • Crackers cause pollution

  • loss of money and health hazard

  • Importance of crackers free Diwali

Q15. Nowadays people along with their families go out during weekends and holidays for meals at fast food outlets with mouth – watering pizzas, french fries and burgers served to them. Use the hints given below to write a letter to your friend promoting healthy eating habits among people on the topic “Fast Food and People‟s Health” in about 120 words.

  • excess fats and carbohydrates

  • high on calories, low on nutrition

  • short term and long term effects on the body.

  • they may please the taste but are far from being healthy

  • use of transfats which are unhealthy.

Note: Write down on your English notebook and get it evaluated by your teacher.


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