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For 2024 Board Exam
CBSE Competency Based Questions:
Class 10
Class 12

Sentence Reordering | Jumbled Words |

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Q. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.


​(a) the/there/numberless/are/sky/stars/in

(b) we can't/do glow/stars/the day/during/but/see them

(c) too bright /is because /far/this/of the Sun/the light/ is


(a) air/the/was/autumn/in/chill/the first/of

(b) his/granary/out of/merrily/overflowing/was crawling/an ant

(c) who was/a grass hopper/just then/ passed by/cold and hungry

(d) the ant/have a little grain/from starvation/to save him/and to let him/he asked


(a) clear/shallow/ocean/are/reefs/coral/habitat/warm

(b) soft/there/coral/hard corals/are/of/types/corals/and/two

(c) to coral/threats/sedimentation/pollution/reefs/major/are/water/and

(d) unique/the/is/and colourful/underwater/city/coral


(a) a fascinating/rock/today/adventure/climbing/is/sport

(b) and develop/one/confidence/can gain/tremendous/ stamina/pysical

(c) today/introduced/climbing/been/adventure/have/techniques

​(d) rock/popular/institutions/climbing/is/educational/in


(a) disappointment/lead/broken/and/sorrow/promises

(b) and/his/word/thoughtful/keeps/is/always/gentleman/true/a

(c) to keep/and hasten/promise/it will be/he/slow to /a/make

(d) friendship/a/you/broken/cost/promise/your/can


(a) eastern and western/a unique/cultures/Turkey is/blend of

(b) Europe and Asia/the intersection/located at/it is/ of/two/continents

(c) one of /oldest/the world's/it is/inhabited regions

(d) innumerable/ the country is/successive civilizations/historical treasures/home to/form


(a) this/has/bright/generation/future/a/young

(b) the/are/a/students/lot/motivated

(c) they/achieve/willing/are/tirelessly/to/their/goals/to work

(d) the /that/sky is/for/the/know/the/them


(a) Rajasthan/Bharatput National Park/located/is/in Bharatpur

(b) by/vegetation/29 sq km/surrounded/it/and is/area of/an/covers

(c) it/thousands/attracts/of/every year/migratory birds

(d) haven/for/this/is/a/these/place/birds


(a) parents/are those/ blessed/and caring/who have/loving

(b) life flowers/parents/of his/a child's/the support/if he/has

(c) to us/provide/are/that/the pillars/strength/parents

(d) to overcome/advice/their/obstacles/helps/us/in life.


(a) the police/to inform/this man,/if you see/immediately/you are advised

(b) this man/in the /at the /Kwality Restaurant/was last seen/Parliament Street

(c) this man/decides to give/the police/unless/will not/a reward/be caught

(d) to his arrest/if I were/information/poor/I/would provide/leading

Answer Key of Sentence Reordering QNo. 1-10
Download PDF • 46KB

Q No. 11

(a) have/area/potential/kills/species/road/endemic to the/entire/wipe out

(b) entirely/blame the /we/public/cannot

(c) them/educate/have/we/to

(d) its life/an animal/could/cost/road/the/on/candy/throwing/a/even

(e) this/why/shouldn't/is/one/roads/litter


(a) have been/by/infuriated/I/of/etiquette/lack/people's

(b) cannot/freedom/away/be/taken/one/from/of speech

(c) cannot /speaking/yet one/all the time/keep on

(d) to be/a chance/others/yet/also have/given/to speak


(a) is/basic/change/of/truth/existence/the

(b) every/entire/is/ cosmos/the/moment/changing

(c) shows/Tagore/path of/the/taking/pride/love/in the/god/of

(d) glorifies/self/Tagore/that/with/universal/the/merges


(a) explosion/is the/mankind today/threatening/population/gravest problem

(b) the country/has been/backwards/burden of/the/population/dragging

(c) is/important/an/factor/early marriage/responsible/for/of/growth/this/population

(d) rural population/most of/is/the/conscious of/not/planning/family


(a) is/woman/noblest/the/God/of/creation

(b) has/role/a/major/she/play/to/on/this earth

(c) highly/has been/she/by/praised/the great/all/men

(d) Rig Vedic/period/was/during the/her/status/on a par/men/with

Answer Key for Qno. 11 to Qnos. 15 is available for Download here.

Answer Key of Sentence Reordering QNo. 11-15
Download PDF • 417KB


(a) A fascinating/rock/today/adventure/climbing/is/sport

​(b) And develop/one/confidence/can gain / tremendous / stamina / physical

(c) today/introduced/climbing/been/advanced/have/techniques

(d) rock/popular/institutions/climbing/is/educational/in

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